Now that you understand the basics of affiliate programs and affiliate networks, it’s important that we now focus on the importance of knowing how to select the right affiliate offers.

You should now have access to at least one affiliate network, and the ability to start selecting different offers and testing them out with your traffic sources. Once you login to any network, you will see a massive amount of offers that you can start promoting.

While there are plenty of affiliate networks out there, some stand out among the rest, including the following:

FluxAds is another network that’s been in the affiliate game for many years now, and have been the choice network for many affiliates around the world. They are also more accepting of new affiliates than other networks, and they also have offers that can be promoted to countries through out the world. To better explain how to select offers within an affiliate account, we will use their backend as an example.

In the screenshot below, you can see what the “Campaigns” section of their affiliate network looks like. From here you can search or choose any of the selected categories, which also lists how many offers they have in each category.

After selecting the category of your choice, or performing a search, you will see a list of relevant offers like in the screenshot below. Each offer will have it’s own lead/sale rate, which you will earn every time an action or lead takes place. The actual amounts have been blurred out in the example below, to protect the network from releasing their commission payouts.

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Once you find an offer that interests you, you can click on the listing for all of the campaign information, which includes basic information such as it’s payout, what constitutes as a lead, the countries the offer accepts leads/signups from, and how you are allowed to promote the offer, which is something we will cover in the next chapter. Depending on the offer and network, you will sometimes have to read and agree to an additional terms and conditions, which usually covers keyword bidding and trademark issues. The majority of offers on affiliate networks will allow you to start promoting them instantly, but there are some that require approval first.

After selecting your offer, and agreeing to any additional terms, you can then access your affiliate links and campaign ad copies. Each offer is setup with their own menu tab like the one below, that would allow you to grab your affiliate banner creatives, email creatives, search creatives and additional and advanced tracking.

The last thing you need to know about your affiliate network, is how to read the stats reports. Below you can see the Statistics Report area inside Neverblue. They offer a lot of stats tracking reports, which allow you to see all leads and stats reported by campaign, date, sub-id and much more.

You should now have a good idea how affiliate networks work, and the process of browsing through different offers to see what type might be best for your promotions. While many affiliate networks may look different in design and promise they are the best, in the end, most of them are running off the same tracking and reporting principles. Once you have a good understanding of how one network works, you should be fine working with any others. Try one of these to get started:

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To learn more about affiliate networks and why it’s important to use them versus going directly to an advertiser, refer to our “Benefits of Working with Affiliate Networks” post on our blog.