While many people may consider blogging just a form of writing and not so much a way to make money, they are very wrong. Over the past few years, blogging has just exploded, and that is mainly thanks to the use of WordPress. In short, WordPress is a free platform that allows you to quickly setup a blog, with an awesomely easy to use interface that allows you to post quality content, create unique design, add plugins, blog commenting and much more.

No matter what type of blog you have, there are plenty of ways to monetize your content and make money with it. One of the biggest factors in having a successful blog, is getting people to keep coming back and actually leaving comments on your blog. All blogs will get readers, but the majority of these readers will never leave a comment. This may be caused by your content not being comment worth, or people simply prefer to read your content and continue to be anonymous. Getting comments on your blog is never an easy task, but these tips should help.

Let’s cover three ways you can increase the amount of people commenting on your blog.

Stir Up Some Controversy!

There is nothing better to bring in attention and discussion then having a controversial topic written on your blog. If you’ve ever looked at celebrity gossip or political blogs, they almost always have a ton of comments because their articles make people want to leave their opinion, or they want to argue/confirm what is being discussed.

Ask Your Readers a Question

This is a great point for anyone that has a niche blog with readers that can relate to the situation. For instance, if you are running an affiliate marketing blog, and wrote a post about your favorite affiliate networks were, then at the end of the post you asked “What are your favorite affiliate networks? Please leave a comment”. You are then inviting your readers to take action, which may bring in a lot more people to comment, who may have usually just wanted to read your post. Open ended blog posts are a great way to get your readers commenting and interacting with your blog.

Reply to ALL Blog Comments

This one is a no brainer, and you can easily double the amount of commenting on your blog when done properly. When a blog has a lot of comments, more people will want to comment. Also, seeing the owner of a blog comments to all of the other readers on the blog, shows that the blog really cares and is valuing your opinion. Of the three blog commenting tips listed, this one is probably the most valuable for the growth of your blog and the value to your readers over the life cycle of your blog.

How Many Comments Is Your Blog Getting?

Keeping with the flow of the topic discussed, let’s keep this post conversation going on. Please leave a comment on your preferred methods to keep your readers commenting on your blog, and are you currently using any of the methods discussed in this post?

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