When creating landing pages and ad campaigns, you will always want to split test as much as possible. Even the slightest changes can make a big improvement in conversions. However, one of the problems many marketers have is that they forget the simple steps or changes they can make to their landing pages during the split testing process.

Here is a list of five simple changes you can make to your landing pages to see how your conversions swing in the process. Remember to only make one or two changes at a time, so you can tell what it actually swinging your conversions and in what directions.

  • Remove Navigation Bar: The navigation bar is always nice to have, but if you are sending people to a web site to complete an action, it can also be a big distraction. Try removing the top navigation bar all together, and moving it’s contents to the bottom of the page.
  • Auto Fill in Form Fields: If you are passing information through your landing page from another site, it always helps to pre-populate information. Giving the user one less thing they have to fill out is always a great help.
  • Request Less Information: Less is more. How many times have you had to fill out all of your information when registering on web sites. Ask for less information and you will likely see more sign ups. Even split testing email and name vs. just email, can bring in a big increase in conversions.
  • Branded Design: Do you have a smooth landing page to advertiser page process? Don’t confuse the user by giving them one landing page look and feel, then sending them to an advertiser page that looks completely different.
  • Multiple Headlines: Headlines and call to action texts mean everything. This is the first thing your users are probably going to see, and will result in whether they stick around to complete an action, or close out the browser. Make sure your headline grabs attention and makes them want to take immediate action or interest.

There are plenty of ways to change around a landing page, and it’s not just about using completely different landing pages. Find what works best, then continue to improve on your best designs.

This Guest Post was written by Zac Johnson

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