- Amazon's Affiliate Program: How to integrate it with your site using WP Zon BuilderHere at AffiliatePrograms.com, I’ve been talking quite a bit about the Amazon Associates program recently. It’s my opinion that the Amazon program, even with the challenges surrounding the Affiliate Nexus Tax in California and the seemingly low commission rate, is a solid program for affiliates to join.

If you’re running a content website, you can make a lot of money recommending and reviewing products sold by Amazon.

However, I’m hearing from new affiliates that there are challenges in getting started with Amazon. These challenges are tactical and not strategic. They involve getting product links on the website and the best way to do so.

Given the vast amount of links available on Amazon, and the logistics of placing those affiliate links on a website, this is not a surprising challenge.

Keep in mind that there are several products out there to solve this challenge. They include ReviewAzon, phpZon and WP Zon Builder. While all of these products are great, I want to take a few minutes today to show you WP Zon Builder, which can help you add Amazon products to your site in a fraction of the time it would take to manually add them.

I like WP Zon Builder because it’s easy and it’s fast. And when you’re building your affiliate business, you’ll want to make the best possible use of your time. In addition, WP Zon Builder is flexible. It allows you to create straightforward posts with single products or combine multiple products into one post.

Two ways to use WP Zon Builder

Before you dive in, you’ll want to know the best way to use this plugin.

1) Use Amazon’s content as is — First, you can create posts (or pages) using the content from Amazon with editing it at all. While this is easy, duplicate content penalties mean it’s not going to get you the best results.

2) Add unique content – I find that my sites always get better results if I create unique content and add that to Amazon’s content. The search engines see that there is unique content on my site (which helps my SEO) and my readers see that there is additional value to be found by visiting my site.

While the first option about allows you to import hundreds of entries at a time, without needing to think about the content you’re adding to your site, this kind of strategy won’t work well. You’ll find that readers, and the search engines, will respond better to a site with unique reviews written by a human for humans (we’ll talk about autoblogging, which I’m not a fan of, in a future post).

Easy sidebars

Another great feature of WP Zon Builder is that it makes it easy to add top-five or top-ten lists that you create to your site’s sidebars. When you create these lists yourself, you create lists that are more targeted to your site’s keyword strategy, and you can also add high-quality products that are worth recommending. In a few split tests of my own, I’ve found that sidebars generated by WP Zon Builder outperform Amazon’s widgets on a regular basis.

In this video, you’ll see how easy it is to add Amazon products to your site using WP Zon Builder.

While there isn’t enough room to go into all of the great features of the WP Zon Builder plugin, here are just a few:

  • Allows multiple Amazon ID’s on one site
  • Works with international Amazon stores
  • Links to Amazon can be “no follow”
  • You can update your affiliate ID at any time
  • It integrates well with similar plugins for Overstock.com and eBay

I encourage you to check it out for yourself.

Additional Resources

WP Zon Builder Demo Site — A demo site from WP Zon Builder’s creator.

Affiliate Media is an affiliate of WP Zon Builder. If you purchase WP Zon Builder through our link, we will earn a commission.

Have you used any of the Amazon plugins for WordPress? Any other questions about using WP Zon builder? Let us know in the comments below!