What’s one element of modern living that can be a real hassle and trouble for just about everyone?

It’s the finances.

Couple in the fact that you’re trying to build an online business, through affiliate marketing, and you’ve got a recipe that will drive oneself mad. The reason for this generally stems from the fact that you hear outlandish claims of profits or income reports that show great success – while you’re still getting by with the basics.

As an entrepreneur – you want to do everything you can to succeed. You generally measure your impact based around the profitability of your business.

But step back for a second …

It doesn’t matter if you’re making six figures or just six hundred. You can be happy with what you make even if it’s a very small take away …

When Enough is Enough

Some individuals want to completely replace their 9-to-5 whereas others want to add a bit of comfort to their current financial standing. There’s no wrong choice in the matter because it’s entirely up to you on what you want from affiliate marketing.

With that being said … do realize that creating an online asset gives you a ton of flexibility in your life (and it doesn’t need to hit the six-figure mark), for example – you can do the following with the extra affiliate earnings you gain throughout the month:

  • You could pay off your car payment
  • You can begin taking regular vacations
  • You can invest in your retirement plan
  • You could lower the stress of paying the mortgage on time
  • You can go out more often to enjoy the finer things in life
  • You can work on those passion projects you’ve been putting off

There are many people living on the brink of disaster because they’re living paycheck-to-paycheck – an extra $100, $200, or $300 each month could change everything!

Embracing the Numbers

Remind yourself of how lucky you are.

We live in a digital era where anyone can take their idea or passion and form it into a profitable business. There is virtually no barrier in your way to stop you from chasing after projects.

Yes, there may be a few small investments like a domain name, hosting, and themes, but this is nothing compared to what you would have to invest if you chose to open a physical location.

Stop comparing your success to other affiliates.

It’s real easy to become frustrated with your work if you compare your business to other successful entrepreneurs because you begin to feel “cheated” that you don’t share the same level of success. Likewise, you can often become jealous of others which puts up blinders and walls that prevent you from networking with these smart individuals out of the sake that you’re just stubborn to acknowledge what they’ve achieved.

From now on – do this:

  • Let go – Don’t get caught up in the nitty gritty details of operating your business. Always go for the big wins whenever possible and don’t be afraid to chase an idea for as long as you need to see whether it’s truly profitable. Don’t give up too soon because it doesn’t show immediate returns on your investment. Enjoy the extra cushion you’ve created from what you’re making now; use that cushion to chase after loftier goals.
  • Always be learning – Take full advantage of what the Web has to offer. School can only teach you so much because it takes a broad stroke at preparing individuals for adult life. You have access to the largest hub of information, the Web, so use it! Learn new skills that will help you grow in your existing job. Learn skills that will grow your business. Challenge yourself to put things to practice.
  • Be Frugal – You may want to live some extravagant lifestyle through affiliate marketing but, really, try to stay humbled with what you have. Continue to live within your means, reduce your waste, and avoid the hype. It’s real easy to suddenly begin spending more money because you’re taking home more through projects, but this will get you into a lot of trouble if you go too far outside your means (and especially if your affiliate income dries up). Use that extra money to invest into higher quality items that will last; use that money to invest.
  • Chase a passion – Use the flexibility brought on through the extra money to finally begin working on those hobbies and passion projects you’ve put off because you never “have the time” or “had the proper funds”. Launch new business, go on vacations to get inspired, do charity work, involve friends & family, or create art. You’re lucky to be in this situation to have expendable income so use it appropriately to grow as an individual by chasing those passions.

The point of this post is to help you realize that it’s not just about the numbers.

Try to avoid getting into this mindset that if you’re not banking thousands a day than you’re not a successful affiliate. Remember when you first started and the excitement brought about from your first affiliate sale? Keep that passion alive. That’s the fire that got you started; it’s still there. Whether you’re making $100 extra or $1,000 – it’s still an amazing accomplishment and gives you the ability to enjoy quite a lot of extra comforts in life.