How will you start making money off your web site or blog content? This is one of the biggest things you will have to think about when you start creating a web site or blog than you plan to make money off of. Just as important as it is for you to make money with your site, you don’t want to diminish the quality of experience your site visitor have either. One solution that many bloggers and web site owners are turning to as a revenue source, is contextual advertising.

What is Contextual Advertising?

The best way to explain contextual advertising, is for you to see it in action (preview to the right). However, for those of you that are looking for an in-depth text answer, here is what Wikipedia likes to describe “contextual advertising” as:

Contextual advertising is a form of targeted advertising for advertisements appearing on websites or other media, such as content displayed in mobile browsers. The advertisements themselves are selected and served by automated systems based on the content displayed to the user.

In short… ad networks that use contextual advertising, can look at the text content on your web site and turn them into text links that will make you money!

Who are the Top Players in the Contextual Space?

When it comes to contextual advertising, three different companies come to mind; INTENTClick, InfoLinks and VigLink. Each of them are unique and special in their own way. INTENTClick is part of the Kontera network, which has been in the contextual game for a very long time now. InfoLinks has coverage across millions of blogs and also offers their own self serve advertising platform. VigLink works specifically with some of the top affiliate networks and sites in the world, like to deliver the highest quality advertisers and relevant links.

With a wide variety of established players in the contextual space, it leaves a great opportunity for you to join and test each with your site’s traffic.

How Do I Make Money with Contextual Advertising?

Know that you know how contextual advertising works, and can place relevant advertising within your content, now we need to cover how much you will make per click. Just like with all affiliate programs, you will receive a different amount of commission based on the type of offer you are promoting. Should you promote a credit card program, you may earn $30+ per lead, or just a few dollars per lead to a dating web site. The same applies with pay per click marketing, which is what many contextual network base their payment structure on. Some networks will also pay a commission if a lead is resulted from your click.

Lets looks at two sites I have that are running contextual advertising, and you will see what a difference content makes. The top chart below is for a “webmaster / blogging” web site, which is earning around .72 ecpm. The stats on the bottom are from a pet information site, which is earning nearly 10x more (based on eCPM), at $6.01 per 1,000 impressions! Quite a big difference!

In the end, the amount that you will receive per click, will actually depend on the type of traffic you are pushing through your web site, along with the type of content you have. A site that has high end content like computer reviews will probably earn more money with contextual advertising, than a site that talks about plants and gardening.

Getting Start with Contextual Advertising on Your Site

While the concept and backend technology of contextual advertising might seem a little overwhelming and complex, it’s actually extremely easy to get started. You can join any of the networks listed in this article, and they will provide you with a simple line of code that you can place into the HTML coding of your site, or if you are running a wordpress site, you can simply add a wordpress plugin. Once this is setup, the ad networks will automatically start looking at your site content, and automagically start serving contextual ads through your web site. You can then log into your partner account and check all of your site stats, along with adding/removing web sites and playing with advertising features.

If you are looking for a new source of advertising revenue, but not looking to take up more web space with banners or Google Adsense, be sure to give contextual advertising a try!

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