Following up to the two previous articles I’ve written about Google Adsense (here and here), I wanted to provide you with another. This time around we will be talking about the different types of web sites that work well with Google Adsense and how you can built web sites specifically for making money off Google Adsense as you sole source of income.

Before going forward, be sure to review the previous two posts I wrote up on Google Adsense and their best performing banner sizes and where you should display their ads on your site.

What are the Best / Worst Sites to Run Google Adsense?

As many different ways there are to promote offers and make money online, there are just as many different types of web sites. Some web sites have the goal in mind to sell products, while other just provide information. Depending on the type of web site you have will have a big impact on whether or not you would want to place Google Adsense on your site.

For instance, if you were going to create a web site that sells something, you WOULD NOT want to put Google Adsense on the site. This would distract site visitors from your end goal, which is making sales… plus you would be losing your traffic for just a few pennies.

A good site for Google Adsense placement is when you are providing reviews, information or entertainment and also have generic traffic that you are finding it’s hard to monetize. Google will serve up their best related advertised advertisers and you can start testing your traffic and numbers to see if it makes sense.

When running Google Adsense, it’s usually that sites have high traffic and low value, or low volume and high traffic. Since Google Adsense isn’t one of the highest methods of revenue generation around, you will usually find them on low quality/high volume sites.

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Build Niche Sites Around Google Adsense

Keeping all of that in mind, one of the most effective and powerful ways to make money with Google Adsense is through the use of mini niche web sites. The way most niche sites using Google Adsense works, is that they will take the time to research a niche market, then build a content site based around all of the top keywords and search terms within that niche. In addition to using the Google Keyword Tool, you can also use Google Trends to find some of the latest hot topics to create a micro niche site about.

So how does a niche site different from running Google Adsense on a regular site. With most niche sites that you see running Google Adsense and going up for sale on sites like Flippa, many of them are exact match domain names and looking to provide as much information and relevant content as possible, but they are putting Google Adsense on their site in prominent locations and this is also one of the few outbound links on the sites.

The end result is a high click through rates and even higher CPM averages. These niche sites can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month with little traffic. It all depends on the niche you go after and how well you can rank your sites in the search engines.

Using Google Adsense within Your Network of Sites

Whether you are going to use Google Adsense on your high end authority sites, entertainment sites or even building out your own niche sites… it’s all about testing and seeing if they numbers work in your favor.

Google Adsense isn’t for everyone, but it can make good money when used properly.

This post was written by Zac Johnson

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