Affiliate marketing is a remarkable source of online (sometimes, secondary) income. The most remarkable aspect is that you don’t even need a website to begin earning money online.

As a follow up, we’re taking a look at some amazing methods people have found to build an audience and income source.

Totally Tumblr

Tumblr is a free blogging tool that has seen explosive growth within the last year. Despite its humble beginnings, Tumblr is now a major source of original content and flourishing communities.


One great, silly example of how quickly a Tumblr blog can explode is Text From My Dog, a feed that shares funny screencaps of an owner talking to their dog through texts.

Leading with the example, one particularly interesting outcome of this Tumblr blog can be seen in the ‘notes’. The ‘notes’, from the example, are in the thousands which means that each new post is reblogged (which places the piece onto another individuals Tumblr blog), a like, or comment. In terms of creating virality in content, Tumblr takes the cake.

So, how would you go about monetizing a Tumblr blog? Simple: Focus on creating short, witty, original content pieces. You can realistically do any type of media but pictures and image macros work best. Build a small network of likeminded Tumblr users and your content will begin to spread. In time, with a large enough following, you’ll have a lot of weight within the community. Between your normal content, you could promote an affiliate product or sell your own (just don’t go overboard with the promotions); it’s best to keep the products you promote within the same industry, obviously.

Fascinating Facebook

Facebook has taken on a new form of advertising through the clever use of fan pages and what could be labeled as “interactive spam”. The most interesting aspect (and use) of Facebook has been the use of the ‘share’ button in combination with witty image macros. Each successful message you send, such as an image with a quote, that gets re-shared, improves a fan pages’ next message (since it will be more likely to be seen based on Facebook’s algorithm).


So, how does this work for you? Simple: Setup a Facebook fan page around a particular interest you happen to share with many other individuals. An example would be Science Is Awesome, a fan page that shares many different cool, fun science discoveries. The fan page, in this example, gains thousands of likes and shares for each message sent out; with a fan count of over 350k, it’s easy to see that the fan page can easily drive a massive amount of traffic to a website when promoting.

If you happen to use this strategy, you could create a fan page around a fun subject while sharing popular photos found through Google, Pinterest, Tumbler and other content sources. As you share, you’d increase your like/share rate while building your followers. When the time is right, drop a link to your website or affiliate offer and you just successfully implemented an affiliate marketing strategy through Facebook.

Money Meet Ups is a website that allows you to easily create meet ups around your industry, interests, or physical location. The website has taken off because it creates a layer of comfort around what has been classically labeled as “creepy” in terms of meeting individuals from the Internet.


So, how does this work in terms of affiliate marketing? Simple: A meet up can allow you to earn income when you host (or attend) business meetings where you pitch your freelance (or affiliate) services. Even better, you could create your own meet up around starting an affiliate business where you introduce individuals to tools and services you readily promote.

As an example, you could create a meet up around starting a website where you utilize affiliate links for domains, web hosting, themes, and plugins. A group of ten individuals could easily score your $1,000 or more!

The three examples detailed in this post are sound forms of marketing without a website but it’s still extremely vital that you have a true online presence through a site of your own because it gives you the ultimate flexibility and longevity when building a business.