Ehhhyyy! You're awesome!

You’ll spark with joy from large traffic spikes but immediately come back to Earth when you see you haven’t sold a thing. Why? Conversions is the key to a successful affiliate marketing campaign and business.

The best possible strategy for increasing conversions, earning more money, and building a better business is by offering incredible value – this is how you do it:

  • Know thy reader. Understand your reader – what they want, what they value, how they feel, where they’re going. Create and share content that touches a nerve within your community. Deliver exceptional value that’s specific to your readers needs. Speak directly to their pain and shortcomings; lead them on the right path.
  • Know thy competition. A good defense is a good offense. Understand and learn everything about your competitor. Call them on the phone, email them, browse their website, view their ad campaigns – get inside the mind of your competition so you can best them at their own game. Find areas they lack and fill in the gaps to siphon disgruntled individuals to your business that offers a better value.
  • Be passionate. Get behind your projects with everything you have; make it a life project, a true strive for legacy and impact in your world. Treat your work as such but never allow the daily tasks to sway you from enjoying what you do. Passionate people ooze individuality and confidence – a trait that people look for when finding a leader.
  • Build a brand. Make a name for yourself by being a brand that cares for its customers. Go beyond the sale and get to know the people that make your business a success. Put your customers on a platform and thank them profusely for their participation. Be known as a company that “gets it”.
  • Be caring and in-tune. Be in tuned with your visitors and customers – know their problems and make a real, human connection. Reach out to them beyond the business-customer network and be a friend. A business built on a core group of followers will forever outlast one that cycles them through the revolving door that plagues so many others.
  • Offer something special. Don’t worry about major profit margins if it means you can do something amazing for your community. Offer a massive discount for a product, share your work for free to certain individuals, give people inside access, monitor the web and reward people that talk about your brand. Special events leave special memories – the ones people talk about.
  • Benefits (not wants). Really know what the benefits are for what you offer and align said items to your community and customer base. Stand behind everything you promote and share its value through benefits which hit an emotional level and results in higher conversions.
  • Applying the 80/20 rule. Go back and make the much needed changes that you’ve learned over the course of running an affiliate marketing business. Be in tune with your work and apply the 80/20 rule of business to shine the spotlight on the best customers and products to improve your earnings.

Is it possible to do every item on this list? Not all at once but it’s very possible to accomplish these when you have a long-term strategy and mindset for success. Begin implementing one or two of these in your business, today, and you’ll see what I mean when value drives affiliate marketing.

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