When you first heard of affiliate marketing it probably immediately gave you the joy to know it’s a something you could do from the comfort of your home.

If you were successful in your early attempts then you may have made the jump to working full time from a home office. But over a while you begin to miss out on many aspects of the 9-to-5 experience that keep were actually enjoyable:

  • Talking with coworkers face-to-face
  • Getting away from your home responsibilities
  • Building a friend network with coworkers
  • Having a sense you’re part of a team

When you solo your affiliate work from home you may start feeling a bit stir crazy.

You begin to be a homebody because from the moment you wake to the time you sleep you have this feeling that work could be done. It leads to you skipping out on fun activities in place of doing work. It also makes you feel like you’re working for the sake of working (since the only real way you’re showing gain is through items you may be purchasing online for home delivery).

In short: you’re inside too frequently and it can take a mental toll.

I know this because I have been working from home for almost five years now. The first few years it was wonderful since I could wake when I wanted, take however-long breaks, get up and move about without a boss yelling at me, and that I was building something of my own.

Over a while, though, it wears you down. You start to feel isolated.

Lately I’ve been working on pushing outside the comfort zones since I had settled so neatly into one from being at home frequently. I’m sure there are plenty of you readers that may feel the way I do and so I’d like to share some of the little things that helps to prevent that feeling of going stir crazy.

1. I would highly recommend that you invest in some form of easy transportation such as a bicycle. A bike will allow you to not only get in some exercise (which in turn improves your mood) but it gives you options to get up and go without the same commitment as taking an auto. On a cool day and just 20 minutes of riding around the area you’ll feel those spirts soar and come back to your work with vigor.

2. Get yourself invested into a computer-related hobby that has nothing to do with business. For me, it’s playing video games on my PC but it can be whatever interests you whether it’s programming or writing a personal blog (with no intentions to monetize). Finding something computer related keeps you inside, yes, but it helps to break up that feeling that your computer is only for work. You start enjoying being at the computer because you know you can have some good fun during the down-times.

3. Use your flexibility and go see a good friend or family member. The whole affiliate lifestyle is attractive because it can be done anywhere as long as you have the equipment and a connection. You get to set your own times but it’s likely you haven’t really taken advantage of the position. So go off and play hooky for the day while campaigns are running on automation; go see a friend you’ve blown off the last few weeks because you were too busy working on the business.

4. Make a habit of frequently walking away from the computer (even for a few minutes). Sitting all day is bad for your posture and it reinforces that feeling that you’re stuck in the home office. Take a few moments just to go for a walk even if it’s around the house. Maybe do some light cleaning, play with your pets, make a small snack, or sit outside and enjoy the sights and sounds. By doing this frequently you feel like you’re less tied to the work throughout the day so each time you sit back down you’re ready to pump out great work vs pushing yourself to exhaustion.

5. Lastly… take a vacation! It doesn’t need to be some foreign country, either. Go do a day trip to one of the towns you’ve been meaning to explore. Take a weekend trip to a location that may only cost $200 in round-trip plane tickets. Allow yourself to get that recharge.

These are the actions that work for me. What about you?

Image by kamuelboy