The Olympics, a sudden celebrity breakup, industry events run amok, just a few of the major events that can snag the public’s attention and earn you additional revenue.

People love a good, juicy story. Tabloid magazines are some of the most widely read around the world because people want to hear the gossip – even if it does seem like trash.

Major events become a great source of bonus revenue if you latch onto the wave at the right time with the right kind of message.

Consider the following …

  • A celeb has a new look. Fashion, health, and beauty niches have the potential to explode with added interest when someone famous suddenly makes a re-appearance with a new look and image because the average individual wants to reflect that star-studded image.
  • Good (and bad) news on a patent. Large corporations are always fighting tooth-and-nail over their patents but the general public tends to shy away from this boring news. However, your pulse on these rulings could spell for a pretty penny when you get a promotion out for a hot new product that happens to be a result of a court ruling.
  • ‘Tis the season. The holiday seasons are perfect for upping your game and earning some additional revenue. Catch consumers when the iron is hot (aka. They’re in a buying mood) by talking about the newest, greatest ideas for gifts, resolutions, and events.

There are a lot of ways to get your message across whether it’s through capturing a trend and writing up great, SEO-friendly content to launching a promo or promoting through coupons. The only obstacle is simply implementing a content strategy that accounts for these events.

To get started:

1. List all of the major seasonal holidays that your audience participates within
2. List out all of the major industry events that will generate interesting, new products
3. Keep a pulse on your niche/industry news using RSS feeds, social media, and news websites
4. Continually integrate news-worthy content, about events, into your content marketing

Whether or not you’ll be able to fully integrate your affiliate offer is up to how you position your content but you will gain the eyeballs which sets in motion the funnel of conversions.

What tips or tricks would you like to share about making the most from major events? Leave a comment.