Shopping Choosing and then buying a domain is among the first things every affiliate needs to do whenever they join a new niche or market. Once you get a domain you can launch a website, and then promote different offers to your audience.

Without a domain you can’t launch a website, and without a website you can’t build any sustainable income over the long term. Of course, you can simply direct link to affiliate offers through PPC, but this kind of campaigns have usually quite a short lifespan.

Even though you have to spend some time on getting a domain, signing up for hosting, and then setting up your website, the whole thing is not as difficult as it may seem, even if you’ve never done it before.

Of course, before you can even go to a domain registrar (a company selling/registering domains) you need to decide on what kind of a domain you want.

For example, you can go with either of three main types of domains:

  • Semantic domain name. Created from one specific word, or a number of words combining a phrase. Preferably, you should use your main keywords here. Example:
  • Unusual domain name. This is where you use your brand name to create the domain. Some examples to make it clear:,,
  • Combined domain names. A combination of a semantic name and an unusual name. In other words, names that have some meaning but also have a strong brand identity. Examples:,

Buying a Domain

Once you know what domain name you want to register you can visit one of the popular domain registrars to get it.

The registrar we recommend using is GoDaddy. We like GoDaddy for a number of reasons. First of all, you can get your first domain for $1.99, and secondly, you can have it set up and registered in matters of minutes, which you’ll find out in this short step-by-step tutorial.

When you visit the site there’s a big search field right in the middle. This is where you input the domain name you want to get.

Input only the name itself, without the TLD (the thing after the dot, for example: .com).

Once you hit “GO” there are two things you’re most likely to see. If your desired domain is already taken you’ll see something like this (example search for “affiliatemarketing”):

This isn’t a surprise – is already taken. In such a case you can view alternative results, and maybe get a different TLD (like .net, .org, .biz or others).

You can also place a backorder on every domain that allows this. Essentially, backordered domains go to auction, so this gives you a chance to win them despite the fact that they’re already registered. Be careful, though, other people can backorder a domain just like you.

This is probably a good moment to have a word about TLDs. The most valuable TLD to get is .com. It’s the most basic TLD, and one that is most recognizable. However, if your desired .com is taken you can decide to go with .co, .net, or .org instead. Going for other TLDs is not advisable as they are really difficult to memorize. For instance, no one will ever remember if your site is a .biz or a .info.

Now, if you’re lucky and your desired domain is available you’ll see a screen like this (example search for “affiliatemarketinguniv”):

The only thing you have to do now is click the “Add” button, and your shopping basket will be updated with your new domain (image below).

At this point you can buy more domains or proceed to checkout, so to speak. To do this, just click the “Continue to Registration” button. The screen you’ll see next is an attempt to upsell you on some additional services and products. If you’re interested you can take advantage here, if not just click the “No Thanks” button (image below).

This next step is where you have to either log in (if you already have an account at GoDaddy), or create a new user account.

Once you’re done with that, you can customize your order by selecting a registration length. You can register your new domain for anything between one and 10 years. You can also choose a lot of additional products and services if you find them valuable.

The next step is the checkout. This is where you can pay for your domain and have it fully registered. Available payment methods are PayPal and all major credit cards.

When you’re done with the procedure GoDaddy will provide you with all the important details about your domain, so you can connect it to your hosting account without any problems. At this point, you can start developing your website or installing WordPress.

Registering and buying a domain isn’t actually that hard. In many ways, it’s similar to doing any other shopping over the internet. You simply decide what you want, pay for it, and get the product delivered in some way.

Finally, let us know what’s your experience with domain registrars. Have you stumbled upon any problems when getting a domain?