A Facebook fan page is pretty much essential if you want to brand and market your business since it’s likely that a great amount of your ideal customers are active on the network.

The fan page provides a hub for connecting with these people and comes with many tools and apps to craft the page into something memorable – one such element is the vanity URL.

The assigned name of your Facebook fan page will be a string of numbers which isn’t entirely easy to type in to the Web browser (obviously).

You can stick with this string of numbers but going with a vanity URL will add a twinge of additional branding – plus, it’s easy to do.

Setting a Facebook Vanity URL

There are a few guidelines prior to claiming a vanity URL, which includes:

  • You can’t use one that’s already in use
  • The name has to be close to the name of your brand
  • Names must be at least 5 characters long and can’t be generic

You can read other guidelines over at the Facebook help page.

Generally, your page will need to have existed for a bit of time or reach a small fan base before you can go about changing the name (this deters people from signing up and ‘sniping’ names en masse).

To begin, go over to http://www.facebook.com/username.

On this page, you’ll have access to your fan page from the drop down list. Select it and a text field will become available as long as you pass the basic guidelines.

From there, simply type in the new, vanity URL for your fan page, confirm your selection, check availability, and finish the procedure.

Note: You can’t change it once you’ve made your selection so be sure about your choice!

It may not seem like much but having the vanity URL is a simple and effective way to add in an extra layer of branding for your Facebook fan page. People will have the immediate association with your brand and they may find it an ease to type in the name, directly, when doing a quick search.

In all, it’ll take about five minutes but still worth it when you have a bit of downtime from your usual activities – give it a shot!