Promoting seasonal offers can be a great way for website owners and affiliates to monetize their traffic in a unique way. The great thing about this is that when the right time of the year comes, almost everybody gets ultra-interested in one particular topic. Like Halloween, for example.

Moreover, you can promote any type of offers you want … products, coupons, gift cards, cash backs, comparison sites, and so on.

However, due to increased competition you still need to get creative if you want to make any significant profits promoting seasonal offers.

Focus on the seasonal nature

When crafting your ad copy, you need to focus on the seasonal nature of the offer. There are always specific keywords that define a given seasonal offer. For instance, the keyword “gifts ideas” does not the convey the same message as “Christmas gifts ideas.”

This may seem basic, but it’s often the simplest things that we tend to forget the most.

Strong call to action

Whenever there’s a peak period for a given seasonal offer, there are going to be many promotions focusing on the same thing. If you want to make your ads more visible than others, you need to use strong calls to action.

For instance, a weak call to action: “check our prices today,” a strong call to action: “get your gift card for 50% off.”

Strong calls to action convey an immediate benefit, while the weak ones require some thought to figure it out.

Use product images

The simple fact is that your competition will use countless product images on their banners. If you don’t intend to do it too then you won’t be visible to your prospective customers.

Most of the time you can get product images from the merchants you promote. If that’s not possible, you can try creating them yourself.

Use exact seasonal keywords

Something like “Christmas gift cards” is fine. But “Christmas gift cards 2012” is better.

The point here is to indicate that your offer is current and not just some leftover last year’s clutter.

Keep the design of your site relevant

The final advice here is to keep the design of your site relevant to the ad you’re using. For instance, if you manage to generate a click on a Christmas offer, but your site has no Christmas elements on it then it will create much confusion in the person’s mind.

They will be wondering whether they’ve clicked the right link or not. And as we all know, confusion is not good for buying.