In the world of online marketing, nothing is private. With advertisements appearing everywhere, cookies being dropped on computers around the world and adware running ad campaigns for billions of impressions every day, it wouldn’t be too surprising for many to learn that there are actually services out there that can spy on the competition for you.

In this post we are going to highlight three different services that allow you to perform research on thousands of ad campaigns being served all around the world. This means you will be able to see which ads are running where, the banners and ad copy that are being used, and use this type of information to your advantage to better your ad campaigns.


One of the most advanced and user friendly platforms for performing ad campaign research, is the AdClarity service. Using their spy platform makes it find information on nearly any campaign out there, but also lets you know how much people can find out about your ads as well! You can sign up for a free trial on their site and walk through everything the site has to offer.

Social Ad Ninja

Depending on what type of advertising campaigns you like to run, some spying services might be better than others. Social Ad Ninja for example specializes in displaying the millions of ads that are currently being served on Facebook’s network. The cost to access everything Social Ad Ninja has to offer is $147 a month, or use can use our coupon code to save 35% off your monthly price.

What Run Where

A favorite among internet and affiliate marketers is the What Runs Where platform, which can show you where can ads are being run through by location, url or keyword. You can access everything What Runs Where has to offer for only $1 during their 7 day trial, then full access is available at $229 a month.

How to Use Spying Tools to Your Advantage

I’m sure many of you are blown away right now that are seeing this technology for the first time. Usually this also comes with dismay and disgust, but the information is out there so if you want to you it, you can.

Instead of looking at these sites as a way to pay a monthly fee to access campaign information that you can copy, instead you need to look at it as a way to find new traffic sources for ads you are currently not running in, but your competitors are.

It’s all about monetizing and split testing to find what ads are making the most money and return on investment. Whether you are doing Facebook Ads, Plenty of Fish, Media Buying or Search… there are always going to be spy tools on the market for you to choose from.

This post was written by Zac Johnson

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