When asked, most business owners will say that the number one reason their business is in shambles is because the customer doesn’t understand their products. However, it’s not the customers fault; it’s actually the business owner because they didn’t listen to what their market demanded.

You can’t immediately assume that your affiliate offers will be well accepted by your visitors; it’s a fools hope to throw something at the wall and hope that it sticks.

For this reason, surveys should readily be used in your affiliate business to ensure you’re not spinning your wheels and that you’re making smart, logical decisions on delivering what your customers want.

The What and Why of Surveying Visitors

What do your visitors want? That’s the toughest question as an affiliate marketer these days because setting up a website and launching a business is the easy part. It’s figuring out how much they’re willing to pay and what they desire that makes surveying such an integral part of your business.

What does surveying customers give you?

  • Real data for which offers to promote
  • How much people will spend on a solution
  • The best ways to promote what you have to offer
  • Good ideas for customer support after they’ve bought products
  • Design decisions and tweaks that should be made

The surface benefit of surveying gives you real insight about what products people expect to find on your website (not the ones you assume). This data can be used to dig through affiliate marketplaces to find relevant offers that will have great impact to your specific, unique community. Likewise, you’ll get an idea of how much your visitors are willing to spend on said products including optional back-end offers or other offers that have recurring payments such as membership programs.

The other element of surveying is that you’ll get a great understanding of how to best handle your marketing campaigns and the work after people have bought. People will share what information they want about the products which makes for great content ideas; these ideas become your search engine and social media traffic sources. The survey data will also give ideas for how to best design and tweak your website so that the message is clear. Lastly, the content ideas generated from your survey can be used as additional support documentation for those that have purchased the product which keeps them coming back for more (and eventually ready to buy the next product you have to offer).

Surveying Tools and Applications

There is a lot of documentation and tools already available for conducting surveys so let’s take a quick overview of the easiest ways to setup this form of customer data mining.

These are the tools we recommend:

  • PollDaddy
  • An email list
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Post cards
  • Facebook & Twitter

The point being is to use the platforms your customers already engage with your brand but taking the time to ask for their input rather than pushing out new information. The easiest of the tools, PollDaddy, gives you full range of features to easily setup surveys and embed them onto your website and online properties without having to know a ton of technical knowledge.

What ways do you survey your visitors?