Using Twitter for SEO is not the first thing that comes to mind when we’re discussing Twitter and its value to affiliate marketers. Twitter is more commonly used to generate traffic or to make some instant affiliate sales, right?

Well, essentially, yes. However, you can still use your Twitter profile and your tweets for SEO purposes. Here are 5 tips on how to do that.

1. Optimize Your Profile

The first thing you should do is pick a good Twitter handle (username). Just to make sure that we’re all on the same page, your username is what appears in the URL of your profile. Example:!/YOUR_HANDLE

You can use your handle to rank for some competitive keywords. Start by doing keyword research for your brand and try to find the most relevant keyword you can find, that’s both in tune with your brand (would look good as your handle), and has some SEO value (not much competition and decent popularity).

2. Link To Your Site From The Bio

You can place a link to your main site in your profile’s bio. The link is still no-followed, but this doesn’t mean that it has no SEO value.

If your profile becomes an authority page, the main link in your bio will matter too (even though it’s no-followed).

3. Rank Your Tweets

We have to keep in mind that Twitter is quite an authority site by itself. This makes ranking individual tweets for some newsworthy keywords not only possible, but also not that hard.

Of course, you probably won’t be able to rank your tweet for “make money online.” On the other hand, if there’s a relatively new topic that’s trending, you might be able to get a piece of the initial craze by ranking with a tweet.

4. Re-tweet

The re-tweet is one of the native functionalities of Twitter. Quite simply, if you re-tweet, others will re-tweet you. And when they do, they are basically building links to your tweets.

This is good if you’ve created them around newsworthy keywords like we’ve instructed in the previous point. The fact that link building is important even on Twitter shouldn’t be a surprise.

5. Grow Organically

This is the simplest advice we can give, but it’s also the most valuable and straightforward thing you can do.

If you work on your presence over time and grow your following, you’ll have much more power when it comes to spreading your ideas, getting your tweets re-tweeted, and improving your search engine rankings.

The simple fact is that people like to follow/mention/link to other people who are already popular. That’s why the more followers you have, the more results you’ll see.

What is Twitter’s role in your affiliate business? Are you using it for SEO?