According to Technorati, a leading blog watch service, online publishers create more than 1.3 million blog posts each day. With so much activity, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.  Compelling blogging is all about writing great content that acts as link bait. Other websites and blogs want to link to your high quality posts. The following blog writing tips can help you start a successful and lasting weblog.

Gripping Headlines

The title is the first thing a reader will see, so you need to make sure this first impression is a good one. An effective headline grabs the reader’s attention and raises questions that simply must be answered. Some statistics estimate that while most readers will glance at a blog headline, only about 20 percent will actually click the link and continue reading. The greater your headline, the better your chances are of attracting new readers to your weblog.

What makes a captivating blog headline? Start by choosing a keyword or keyword phrase that accurately describes what your blog post is about. Titles should always incorporate a key search term, but your headline must also appeal to readers on a more personal level. Ask a question, pose a challenge, or hint at an answer that your readers will want to learn more about.

Create Useful and Unique Content

A winning title is useless without high quality content to back it up. Blog readers are looking for information that is relevant to their lives and problems. Your posts should also offer original thoughts or unique insight on old ideas. Always remember that you are competing with millions of other blogs. In order to climb to the top of the pack, you need to provide something fresh and different.

So what should you blog about? Start by making a list of things your readers might be interested in. Write about the things you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Be personable. Be relevant.  Readers are sure to follow.

Focus on a Single Topic

All too often, people fail to realize that blogging isn’t so different from any other form of writing. While weblogs have a reputation as mere online journals, they have become much more than personal diaries. Blogging is used to deliver news, promote new products, offer consumer updates, and offer information to an online community. Blog posts need to be focused on a single topic, whether broad or narrow. Don’t drift and meander from topic to topic throughout the course of one blog post. Choose a subject and stick with it.  You can always write about something else tomorrow.

Write for the Web

While traditional writing conventions still apply to blogging, it is important to realize that writing for the Web is somewhat different than writing for print. Extensive research has revealed that online browsers do not read Web pages word for word—they scan. Readers sort through myriad pieces of information every day, so being able to find important details quickly and easily is the key to good blogging.

How can you improve your Web writing? Focus on short, declarative sentences that are snappy and to the point.  Readers don’t want to waste precious time searching for your main points. Highlight key ideas in bold-text and use bulleted lists to present a series of ideas. By making your blogs posts easier to scan, your blogging efforts are more likely to pay off in increase link clicks and page views.

Take Away Tips

Blogging can be a highly effective online communication tool when used properly. In order to get readers excited about your weblog, you need to learn how to create compelling blog content. Write snappy headlines, create quality content, focus on one topic per post, and create scannable text in order to establish a popular and successful blog.