If you’re not big into video games that’s not a problem because there is still much to be learned about the incredible service that is the Humble Bundle.

The Humble Bundle is one of the many bundle sites that offer incredible bundle deals but with the main focus on video games. It got its start with just the main bundle offered on occasion and eventually flourished into offering weekly game bundles, book bundles, mobile bundles, and a full-fledged online store with steep discount.

Some bundles aren’t as popular as others while others have brought in millions of dollars for not just publishers but to charities from around the world.

So what does it do right?

The bundles have a variety of appeal to people:

  • It uses a “pay what you want” model
  • It has bonus incentives (more games) for those that go above the average
  • It works with a wide range of publishers/developers from indie studios to AAA companies
  • It donates a portion to charity (or you could set your preferred cut)
  • It’s very simple-to-use, you can share the games, and has great variety

At the time of this writing the Humble Bundle is currently the Star Wars Bundle which, for your Star Wars & video game fans, is astounding the quality of games you can receive in the bundle.

So what can we learn from it?

Here are a few points that could be used in one of your online projects:

  • Play around with the “pay what you want” model because although it may seem like you’re devaluing a product what you’ll find is that you’re going to get low-ballers anyway that may just torrent your product, you’ll get the average person that would pay anyway, but you can also get those that want to show additional support by paying extra!
  • Having bonus incentives when a sale hits a threshold will keep building the buzz, get people coming back, and can work in your favor to convince those that would have bought to finally do so (just remember to give those bonuses to the early adopters, too).
  • Work with your network and see if they would be willing to put together a small bundle from within your industry; it gives people a shockingly high amount of value.
  • Charity is always a great thing and yeah, you could get some tax breaks, but it’s a good way to do good with your work and also allow people to help donate when they may otherwise wouldn’t have because they aren’t sure which to support.
  • Give out additional codes to those that are willing to share the bundle or extra copies to each so they can give it to their friends. This could get the additional individual interested in the next and will want to pay-it-forward to one of their friends next time around.

There are quite a few of these types of bundle sites that already exist in the business, design, e-learning, and various industries but I find that Humble Bundle is the one that really put it on the map.

You could do this solo if you have a few products to offer or you could, as I said, collab with some of your business associates that have products of their own. Go ahead and give it a try.