In the affiliate industry, you can never track so much. There are ways you can hide important information, but, thankfully, there are even more ways of gaining these important information.

As an affiliate, your task is to post your advertisers’ ads to your websites and provide grat quality traffic. You are one of the responsible teams in letting the world know about your advertiser’s products. You spend countless hours and effort campaigning for their product, placing ads everywhere, and making sure that the world gets interested in checking out their products.

Of course, to gain efficiency in your promotions, as much as possible, you use all possible resources and enough money just to make sure your campaigns are visible and effective. Giving your advertisers the best kind of campaign will definitely put you and your company in a good light, thus, attracting more clients. Hence, you create these campaigns and spend a lot just to make it good and effective.

But what if your advertisers change something you are not aware of? What if after countless hours and efforts, you suddenly found out that, all this time, you are promoting something that has been deleted, changed, or expired? What if your networks has been already using different redirects and has created changes in its landing pages and you are still left clueless?

As an affiliate, these are just some the nightmares you can encounter. Imagine if you were still making ways to send traffic on an already killed campaign. Yes, too much effort and money wasted and nobody wants that.

If you do not want to experience all this frustrations, you definitely need OfferSnitch. OfferSnitch is a monitoring tool for affiliate links. Basically, it tracks all important changes that are happening to your affiliate links. From landing pages, to URL changes, to expiration of links and even to the adjustments of images done by the advertisers, you get well informed. No more need to worry if your advertisers have been honest with you. Instead of spending time verifying validity of your campaigns, now you will have more time in focusing on promotions because OfferSnitch has done the work for you.

Moreover, it is so simply made that you can immediately get the hang of it. Its purpose is directly presented and you get to see great results in a matter of minutes!

Needless to say, OfferSnitch will notify you will all the important updates that your affiliate team should know. As a result, OfferSnitch will help save you money, effort, and can even pave the way to healthier business relationships with your partners, client, and advertisers.

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