Who best to know the workings of your products, services, and offers than those that are frequently purchasing from your website?

These individuals stand by your brand. They are the ones using what you have to offer almost every day. They place their trust in your recommendations. They’re vocal on social media. They’re a gold mine for feedback.

They also happen to be a great way to source content for the blog.

Many times it’s easy to get wrapped up in handling every piece of content that goes on the site (whether it’s one you create or outsource to writers). The problem here is that you generally have an angle you want to push and your training in affiliate marketing will have you writing content that may come across as too pushy.

Handing over that task to your frequent customers:

  • Let’s the community hear the experience from an unbiased individual
  • Let’s them get a better glimpsed into the product/service workings without the marketing hype
  • Let’s them feel as if they’re part of the experience

Like using testimonials – content in-sourced from these buyer’s will ultimately help with conversions. It’s easier for someone to agree with a product/service if it’s being recommended by someone like them.

The Process of In-Sourcing Content

The short: All you really need to do is find a participant and conduct an interview.

The easiest way to in-source this content, as mentioned, is to simply look through your customer logs, find someone that’s frequently converting, and then talk to them and hold an interview.

By doing an interview:

  • You can (somewhat) sculpt the direction of the content
  • You can ensure certain conversion elements are covered
  • You can build a better rapport with the customer

For example:

Suppose you have a customer that has converted on three offers. They’ve been buying from you for well over a year. When you get in touch with them you present the opportunity for them to share their experience on the business blog and social media feeds. During this interview you guide them with questions so that they cover specifics which help readers understand the product/service. By doing this interview and putting them in the spotlight they will also feel appreciative. They are likely to continue returning to your business for new offers.

So then here is the sample process you can use to replicate this example:

Create an email template

Go ahead and create an email template that you could send to a handful of your frequent customers.

Hello [name],

I wanted to get in touch with you, today, because you often purchase from my site [site name].

First off, I would like to thank you, immensely, for your patronage. Secondly, I wanted to get in touch to see if you’d like to contribute to the website. I would love to hear your experience with [product/service] and we could do so via interview. With your permission I’d like to then share that on the blog and Facebook & Twitter.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Kind regards,


Work this however you need depending on your business.

Conduct the Follow Up

If they responded and they’re on board with the idea then go ahead and send over those questions.

Hi [Name],

Thank you for your interest in doing the interview and blog post.

We could either do this interview via Skype or if you are busy perhaps you could respond to the questions I’ve asked below:

  • Question #1
  • Question #2
  • Question #3
  • Question #4
  • Question #5

Also, I’d love to include a picture of you (and possibly you with the product) if that’s okay this way it can add a nice, personal touch to the post.

Thanks again and talk soon.



If you can get them to do a Skype call that would be great since you can record the conversations and then publish the interview as a video (and transcribe the audio). Otherwise text answers are perfectly fine for basic content.

Give a Little Extra

After publishing the post and sharing it on social you should do one more follow up with the person to make sure they know it went live and that you’re very appreciative of their time.

Hi [Name],

Thank you, again, for helping out with doing this post.

You can find it here: [Link]

I also wanted to take this time and let you know that you can get in touch with me any time if you ever have questions or comments. Also, I’d like to extend my thanks the next time you plan to purchase a product or subscribe to a service – get in touch and I’ll see what I can do about sending you an exclusive coupon code or advanced copy (if you desire).

Thanks again and have a great one,


By doing the thanks and also including an incentive for them to return you’ll build a better trust with the individual. This trust will keep them coming back for more.

So there you go.

A quick email to get things started. A set of questions to fill in the content. A thank you.

A quick piece of great content courtesy of in-sourcing.

What’s stopping you from tapping into this immense wealth of content for business? Try it out, today.