Business brings about individuals with many different motivations.

  • Money
  • Freedom
  • Challenge
  • Passion

As an individual that got his start while working in the off-hours during a 9-to-5 job I can honestly say that one of the best forms of motivation is setting income goals.

Income goals allow you to proceed with your work through tiers.

The goals set a great starting point for when you get a start, when you’re comfortable, and when you’re ready to take your work to the next level.

The following is taken from experience – it will share how setting these income goals will automatically kick-start productivity (and help you earn a great deal of extra money from your efforts).

The “Startup” Income Goal

The “Startup” income goal generally revolves around supplementing a portion of our current income. Figure you average fourth hours a week and your “startup income” may clock in around 25% of this set of earnings.

The essence is that you’re creating a “buffer” which can be used for savings, travel, or business goals. You are building an asset which allows you to explore new options while holding your steady position without real compromise.

Personally: This was the most important because it affirmed that making money online was possible; it wasn’t about how much I made rather than it was possible to do so. Psychologically, it prepares you to move beyond the 9-to-5 because it shows that your effort may pay off if you’re willing to commit the time and effort to the cause.

The “Break-Through” Income Goal

A new level of your income goals should be high enough that you gain the ability to “breakthrough” your earnings at the 9-to-5 and begin exploring the possibilities of going full-time with your online efforts.

This level of an income goal may be directly associated with your paycheck or set to include the basics such as rent, utilities, car payments, and entertainment. For many this may be a simple $50 a day which is more than enough to provide for the basics throughout a monthly timeline (though you’ll want to ensure that you have the option to save money rather than living “paycheck-to-paycheck”).

Personally: If you figure rent, utilities, and other payments round out around $1000 – $1,500 a month than you would realistically need to earn at least $50 but in order to have additional spending money (and to save) you should at for at least $75 a day.

The “Living Comfortably” Income Goal

Now you’ve hit the point where you’re earning good money for your online efforts. You’re pulling in a decent bank, have the ability to save, and go off on trips when you please – you’ve replaced your day job with the work from online – great!

The only problem, with this area, is that it’s easy to become stuck.

Living comfortably is certainly a great goal to achieve but comfort can lull our drive to achieve bigger and better dreams. Those that reach this level should now set a higher earnings goal to kick start their productivity such as setting goals for a house, new car, long vacation, retirement, and more.

Personally: I have experienced this level in some form or another, and I can attest that it can ruin your drive because you lose that initial “yeah, I can do this!” mentality – you’re where you want to be at so you try to hold on but everything eventually slips if you’re not keeping up with learning and trying new things.

The “Pushing Boundaries” Income Goal

The goal you should always retain is the one that will force you to the next level.

Many individuals get into the affiliate marketing game just for the sake of money; there certainly is a lot to be made but the challenge of pushing oneself and expanding knowledge should be the true goal. The “pushing boundaries” income goal should provide you with all that you need to survive and so that you’re able to re-invest into your business (and self). There isn’t a true “level” to reach other than what you set for yourself.

Personally: This income goal, for me, would be about having the ability to travel whenever I please; it would be fashioned in a way that I could step back from my efforts and retain the same level of income. You may have that same goal so go ahead, check the prices for what you desire, divide it by the days of the month, and now double the amount to push yourself to that next level.


For me, when I first began with all of this online stuff, it was a matter of earning extra money to spend time with friends; an extra $20 was enough to take an extra night off or splurge a little.

Over time, as the income grew, I set higher goals which forced me to step up my involvement with online projects. Once comfortable I knew it was possible so I made the decision to push harder.

In some ways an income goal may set a ‘glass ceiling’ if you fail to update; you can get too comfortable with what you earn since you landed the goal, but it’s important to note that the tier should always increase once you’re earning a steady amount based on your efforts.

Keep striving for the most and with it will come freedom, challenges, and a kindled passion.