Many affiliate marketers find that, after enough time, their earnings start to stalemate. The stalemate come from a variety of reasons whether it’s that the market has lost an interest in the products/services or the correlation with stagnant traffic.

It’s a given that everyone would like to increase their affiliate earnings not just because it allows extra freedom but that it feels fulfilling to see the business find its success.

The question today is “how can I increase my earnings?”

Bumping Up the Earnings

The number of ways you can go about increasing your earnings are enough to fill a book so to make things easier we’ve gone ahead and selected a few you can implement today if you’re willing to take the action. The real key to all this is to use each of these selections as a launching ground. Put them into action, learn from them, and then put it all in overdrive.

Okay, enough with all that – let’s go ahead and get to the list:

  • Traffic – Of course this one is first on the list because an increase in traffic (generally) equates to higher earnings. Each new person you’re sending to your site is another opportunity to make an affiliate sale. Our suggestion is to pick one traffic generation method and push it as hard as you can rather than dividing your time and resources across all of them. Once you get one figured out move onto the next to create multiple streams of traffic.
  • Conversions – We said “generally” because not all traffic is going to convert so even if you threw an extra 10,000 people at the site through traffic generation methods you still might not get any additional earnings. The follow up is to work on your conversion tactics which will generally include trying to get people to sign up to your list, improving your call-to-action, and creating valuable content that users want to share and experience.
  • Product Development – If you really want to increase your earnings you should really consider creating a free or paid product for your niche. A free product works great with attracting individuals to your list which you can use to sell them on affiliate products/services at a later time. A paid product works better because it builds a list of paying customers which are doubly likely to act on your promotions. Either one of these gives you the chance to pepper the work with additional affiliate links for resources and recommendations.
  • Negotiate – What are you earning with each affiliate conversion? Instead of relying on extra traffic or taking a ton of time to increase conversions what you could do is talk with your affiliate manager to see if there are better promotions or if you can negotiate a higher commission.
  • Capitalize – Take a look around you and think about why you may have made that purchase. Go out into the wild (not just doing online research) and examine what people are buying. Listen to conversations people have at coffee shops. The point of these exercises is so that you get into the mindset where you capitalize on the opportunities that are all around you. If you notice you have a particular interest in a topic/hobby/item then put it to good use and consider creating a new project around it. Change what you’re promoting based on what you’re learning from people you talk to (and hear). It’s far easier to work off these things than trying to find a brand new niche you know nothing about.
  • Advertise/Paid Promos – Get out of this habit of only working with free traffic sources. Free traffic is great but it doesn’t pull the type of earnings you’d get from running advertisements or paid promotional campaigns. Take a look at what the competitors are doing with their advertising and use that as a launching point. Invest a couple hundred dollars into various campaigns, track the results, and work off the ones that showed positive ROI. Sometimes you’ll find a mere $20 in advertising/promotions can bring you tons of additional conversion so start making that investment instead of being a scrooge with traffic.

What did you expect? A list of a hundred specific income generating ideas? Not today. Instead, focus on one of these big items instead of chasing something that’s only going to give you small bumps. Go after the big wins and you’ll see big earnings.