One of the best ways to learn the world of affiliate marketing and infoproduct creation is by taking a glimpse into the success stories of others.

In the following, you’ll be getting that glimpse from eight individuals that have absolutely rocked it through distilling and selling their knowledge.

Pat Flynn (SmartPassiveIncome)

Pat Flynn is a quintessential example of what’s possible when you sell information products online. In 2007, Pat was laid off from his job but this didn’t let him down as he leaped full-force into carving a niche online with his first information product called the Green Exam Academy (an infoproduct on the LEED exam).

Before long, Pat’s niche product took off and began to earn him a sizeable income. Over the years, Pat launched his successful SmartPassiveIncome website teaching others how to earn … a passive income. Through the website, Pat has managed to build an incredible brand, branch into app development, and create an incredible stream of affiliate income through product recommendations within his content.