If you haven’t heard of Instagram yet, you will soon. Instagram is being touted as the fastest growing photo sharing application on the scene right now, and for good reason. Mashable.com reported last week that Simply Measured, a Seattle based social media analytics company, took a look at the Interbrand Global Brands list of the top 100 most prominent brands and found that 40% already had a presence on Instagram. That’s  certainly no threat to Facebook and Twitter with numbers of around 99% but observers point out that since the beginning of the year Instagram has grown from 15,000,000 users to over 80,000,000 and is available on both iPhone and Android making it competitive with similar sites like Pinterest.

And that’s certainly a reason for affiliates to take notice and seriously consider adding Instagram to their marketing arsenal. Proponents are crediting the apps simple and easy to use interface as one reason for its fast growth, making photo sharing to multiple social media sites as easy as a few clicks, along with the ability to “like” and comment on photos, and good filtering and search capability. Companies have been using Instagram to share pics of company events and behind the scenes activities as well as contests and other creative ways to showcase their products. Photo sharing allows a brand to create a more personal connection with customers. The potential is only limited by imagination.

With the big players taking such an interest in Instagram affiliates should be taking a look too and thinking about how to put the power of pictures to work for them.

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