instagram saleAs an affiliate marketer, you know one thing to be true: the more qualified traffic that you drive to your website the better chance you have of making money.

Despite the many options for increasing traffic, more affiliates than ever are turning to Facebook. The user base along is reason enough to give Facebook ads some of your time, resources, and marketing dollars.

Although Facebook is already one of the most well known and visited websites in the world, the company is not sitting back and hoping for the best. Instead, they are actively pursuing the purchase of other services.

Most recently they purchased Instagram for $1 billion. While many people are wondering why Facebook would pay so much for a company that is only a year old, affiliates don’t care. As long as this change will help them drive more traffic, more targeted traffic, they are all for it.

Benefits to Affiliate Marketing Professionals

In the simplest of terms, more eyeballs mean a better chance of quality traffic. Did you know that Instagram currently has a user base of approximately 40 million? This number was not nearly as high before the acquisition. But much like anything that Facebook touches, Instagram immediately picked up steam – it gained 10 million new users in a span on 10 days.

Facebook Want and Add Buttons Boost Sales

While not a benefit to all affiliates, many will find that the ability to seamlessly share photos through Facebook – with more features to come – could help improve their business. Any affiliate offer that is based largely on the use of photos and images should get a boost by implementing Instagram.

As an affiliate, you may not have been initially excited about the Instagram sale to Facebook. However, you should not have a better understanding of what this could mean to your business in the future.

What are your thoughts on this sale? Will you be able to use Instagram to your advantage?