Throughout this week we will take a focus on how to integrate external social media and content platforms into your affiliate marketing business. The addition of these platforms will allow your business to flourish in many ways such as through lead generation, customer support, or content marketing. The platforms we plan to cover come at no cost other than time spent learning and using the platform.

DocStoc is a document sharing website and marketplace.

Users of the platform have the ability to upload, share, sell, and purchase documents created by business professionals. The platform also allows users to partner with the platform and begin making money through a revenue share model. The main focus is to provide users with access to .doc, .pdf, and .ppt formats; it has also expanded into offering online video.

A recent acquisition of BestVendor allows DocStoc to begin sharing thousands of product and service reviews through their platform.

A professional platform to buy and sell business documents is understandable but the question on the tip of our tongues is how do you go about integrating it into an affiliate marketing business?


For Business Documentation and Guidance

DocStoc presents a variety of business documents that will allow you to streamline and legitimize your affiliate business. Use of these documents will allow you to transform your small operation into a well-rounded business.

Many affiliates operate under the guise of being self-employed. This works well for most but those wanting to expand will need the proper documentation which allows them to grow.

Such documents may include:

  • Complete courses (teaching all aspects of business and career life)
  • Custom documents (that you can fill out much like a template)
  • Document packages (that are collections of documents related to an area of business)
  • Licenses & permits

You can see a list of the premium business documents, here.

Integrating these DocStoc documents could be the vital element to take your affiliate business into the big leagues. Affiliate marketing, just like any business, greatly benefits from creating documents that detail the process. The documents allow you to hand off tasks to others and know they will be completed exactly to the ‘t’ rather than relying on the hope it’s been explained thoroughly enough.

It’s with these types of documents that you can compartmentalize the business and form it into something which can be measured and optimized due to repetition. With optimization will come an increase in revenue.

The documents on the main part of the website are often free with a few exceptions. There is a premium option ranging from $9.95 – $19.95 a month that will give you access to the whole slew of business documents, expert articles & videos, legal forms, and more.


For Brand Representation

A brand is built on authority within the market, expertise in its voice, and having something of value to offer the community.

There is no better way to kick start the brand building process than to create valuable information used by other businesses.

Sharing value:

  • Allows you to connect with the movers and shakers in the industry
  • Leverage other brands through association
  • Use social proof in your copy and design to increase trust and authority

Consider the following:

Business A hides behind their website which offers just a small glimpse into the products and services they have to offer. They use a paywall to gain access to information which restricts a customer’s ability to truly learn of what they have to offer. This lack of information also restricts the business’ ability to rank in search engines for terms consumers seek which, in turn, makes them lose the lead. Since they’re not in the open and fail to connect with consumers and business leaders they begin to stalemate.

Business B takes the transparent approach and gives away their best information. Great content can be found within search engines that have been crafted by the business; this increases their chances of converting leads. The business takes time to network with other business owners, trade valuable information, and builds a stronger community. Through their efforts the community begins seeing them as a market leader since they’re the ones delivering the good stuff. With this increase in authority comes an increase in leads.

ShoeMoney, a long time player in the affiliate marketing game, has a few premium documents on the website including a premium course. He’s leveraging the network to build his brand and drive individuals to his affiliate offers.

The use of DocStoc will allow you cut through the noise and deliver your expertise in the form of documents; it will land in the hands of business professionals that have the authority to make deals and start partnerships.

Get started with this brand representation and authority building by collecting your thoughts and expertise about specific subjects, create a robust document covering the topic, and upload it to DocStoc. Then, use your knowledge of marketing to share the item just as you would an affiliate offer.

Who knows? Perhaps your ability to increase your brand presence and authority may lead to an increase in leads to your affiliate offers. Once you build that audience you will be given the power to deliver your marketing message – approach it wisely and DocStoc may become one of your best lead generating assets.


A Message about DocStoc

Yes, DocStoc can be a great way to build your affiliate marketing assets but step back for a moment and consider the bonus benefits of being active on the platform. Mainly, you’re gaining access to thousands of documents that may streamline your business. Experts from around the globe have placed a lot of time and effort into sharing their strategies, blueprints, and resources – take advantage of this access and turn your moonlighting into a full-fledged business.