Throughout this week we will take a focus on how to integrate external social media and content platforms into your affiliate marketing business. The addition of these platforms will allow your business to flourish in many ways such as through lead generation, customer support, or content marketing. The platforms we plan to cover come at no cost other than time spent learning and using the platform.

Have you ever used Microsoft PowerPoint (or an equivalent)?

Then you already understand the basics of using SlideShare.

The only difference is that SlideShare is a platform where you share your slideshows.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about SlideShare:

  • It’s the largest community for sharing presentation (as in millions of daily visitors)
  • It’s is not limited to just slides – it can also do PDFs and videos
  • It’s a great place to find inspiration and tutorials to help your business and projects
  • It has community building tools to follow and be followed
  • It has embedding options to add yours (or others) presentations to your site
  • It easily integrates with other social networks

When we put together a list of tools to create visual content, SlideShare was originally going to be first on the list but this platform goes well beyond adding some visual flare to graphics. The platform, in itself, can become a major source of lead generation because those using the platform are often those in the business community.

It’s very possible to make direct sales from your slideshows, too.

Let’s not hold off any longer … here’s how you can begin integrating SlideShare into your affiliate marketing business.


5 Ways to Integrate SlideShare for Affiliate Marketing

Stumped on where to start?

Consider the following:

  • Recycle Reviews – Break down your lengthy reviews into bit-sized chunks displayed across multiple slides. Use individual slides to highlight the main features and benefits. Try adding an embedded video into the work giving a complete overview or to highlight these features. Inject additional call-to-actions such as other customer reviews, commentary from big profile websites, or even a very short interview with the creator. Turn the slideshow into a sales pitch much like what you’d present at a board meeting.
  • Streamline Tutorials – Trying to teach an extensive tutorial, with lots of media, can be cumbersome to readers because it keeps dragging on and on. A slideshow, on the other hand, keeps the reader focused on the individual steps require to complete the process. There is less distraction when working through a tutorial that is broken down into slides. Consider dividing your tutorials into these slideshow chunks then go back into the original and embed the slideshow.
  • Conduct Interviews – Interviews are a great way to share third-party expertise to your community but when you’re plastering a long blog post with constant Q&A it begins to drag on and readers lose interest. Breaking the interview into a slideshow and including media such as call-outs for the questions and answers (along with pictures of the participants) can add a fun, unique angle to the interview that will keep the readers engaged. All that’s required is to do the interview as you normally would but then rework it into a slideshow format (with extra media).
  • Encourage B2B and B2C through Social Media – LinkedIn has the ability to embed SlideShare presentations onto your page. LinkedIn is a great location to find B2B and B2C leads since it’s such a large, professional network. Having a slideshow will give your page a bump in engagement since it’s easier to consume this content rather than weeding through the text-heavy pages. Consider reworking your services and products into a slideshow, along with any other important information regarding business, and get it shared on LinkedIn.
  • Make Simple Webinars – Webinars are a great way to increase user engagement and spur additional affiliate sales. However, running a webinar can be troublesome if you aren’t adjusted to using the technology or if you’re restricted by time. Within the SlideShare platform is an option to create a slidecast where you can upload your slides plus MP3 files which, essentially, creates a pre-recorded webinar. Announce it once you’re done, embed it on your site, and you’ll gain all the benefits from this marketing/educational strategy.

Need more? Take a look at this resource to SlideShare created by WooRank.

Think Beyond the Basics

Chances are you have access to Microsoft PowerPoint or at least some form of Mac equivalent (or free equivalent). You may have made a few presentations in your past but let’s be honest: they probably looked like complete crap.

Presentations should be neat, sleek, and to-the-point.

  • Those clipart graphics? Ditch ‘em.
  • Big blocks of text? Nope.
  • Basic white background with black text? Boooring.

Consider making the investment in professional templates and graphics. They can be bought for cheap, easily edited, and will add a great visual flare to your work. Great looking presentations that are easily consumed are the ones that spread like fire. Put in the effort and you’ll see great reward when creating and sharing content on SlideShare.