Throughout this week we will take a focus on how to integrate external social media and content platforms into your affiliate marketing business. The addition of these platforms will allow your business to flourish in many ways such as through lead generation, customer support, or content marketing. The platforms we plan to cover come at no cost other than time spent learning and using the platform.

Tumblr is a popular micro-blogging platform with over 139 million blogs.

People use Tumblr to share a multitude of media but pictures and video seem to be the dominating item which makes it a great fit for those businesses already utilizing visuals in their efforts.

You can choose to use Tumblr on its native platform or install it on your own – each comes with their own benefits. Using their hosting means you won’t need to muck with coding but you’re at the will of their terms of service. Using Tumblr on your website gives you the full features without restrictions but does take a bit of coding to get things running.

The question is why you’d want to use the micro-blogging platform in the first place?

Why Tumblr?

For starters, it’s extreeemely easy to use.

You can write something, upload pictures or video, or reblog content in just a few clicks.

Following others (and having them follow you) is nothing more than being active on the platform and promoting your tumblog. Treat the platform as a legitimate extension of your content and marketing efforts and you will find it easy to utilize the platform.

Tumblr also has a bookmarklet which makes for easy sharing as you’re using the Web and it offers an app for when you’re on the go.

Basically, if you’ve blogged with any other platform than you know what you’re doing in terms of content but Tumblr streamlines the process so you’re not caught up with all the technical backend.

Let’s get the basics out of the way, though:

Take a bit of time to understand the basics and how the navigation works.

  • Share a few things of your own and follow those in your industry
  • Reblog goodies you’ve found
  • Let your community know you’re now using Tumblr

The best way to learn the basics is to dive right in; within an hour you should have the basics down.

Mixing Tumblr with Affiliate Marketing

First and foremost: Tumblr isn’t too keen on affiliate marketing.

However, this leans toward the spam side of affiliate marketing … the people that just overload the site with constant promotions and affiliate links without really any sort of value.

That’s not what we’re here to do.

Tumblr, when used to share valuable and fun information to your community, will naturally lead people to your brand just like any other form of marketing.

Here are a few ideas to get you started with mixing Tumblr and affiliate marketing:

  • Quick Reviews – A two part strategy you could implement is to create a full review for your website but give a snippet over on Tumblr. You’ll cover the basics on Tumblr but if people really want to learn more than they’ll feel compelled to see the full review. The review, of course, would include an affiliate link to the product or service.
  • Business News – A full post may not be warranted for some business news which is why Tumblr could be your ideal platform for the quick updates. You could do on-the-fly updates about what’s going on at your business much like a live blog.
  • Answer Questions – Don’t have a place for feedback on your website or want to start sharing public responses to questions? Take it over to Tumblr. Combine your efforts when using social media platforms by asking questions to your community and then taking to Tumblr for these answers. Turn around and share that post on your social accounts, too.
  • Curate the Industry Content – Every day there are countless content updates about your industry; trying to keep up with them all will make you go mad. For this reason we need people to curate content so we can cut through the noise. You could use your Tumblr blog to be this beacon of curation which will encourage business networking.
  • Share Discounts – Work with your affiliate program or network to score discounts on affiliate products you promote then turn to Tumblr to share these valuable savings. Alternatively, you could use Tumblr to announce when you’re having sales if you have products or services to offer.
  • Crowdsourced Content – Use your Tumblog to allow community members to share their thoughts, ideas, and comments about your affiliate business. Consider turning these comments into a picture and throwing it onto your Tumblog. Link over to the person’s Facebook page or Twitter account for added socialization. Let people be part of the fun and they’ll keep coming back for more.

In all, I would say to use Tumblr for the quick and easy updates. Use the platform for visual content but keep the in-depth stuff for your business blog. What you want to do is pique their interest in what you have to offer on Tumblr and then drive them over for the good stuff on your site.


Tumblr presents a unique opportunity for quick updates and community building.

The platform is very easy to understand and implement. Use of the platform to share content, news, coupons, and other lead generating updates should have a great effect to raising your affiliate income. I recommend giving the platform a run for its money for a least a month; afterward reassess whether it’s helping and decide where to go from there. It’s worth the shot especially if you’re seeing a decent ROI.