While online dating websites were once viewed as a last ditch resource for the socially impaired, they are now viewed as an ideal opportunity for singles to meet their soul mates. As online dating sites becoming an increasingly mainstream part of culture, the potential for affiliate marketers to succeed in this area grows ever stronger. According to Jupiter Research, the online dating industry grossed a whopping $516 million in subscription revenue in 2005.

While many experts suggest that the explosive growth of the past few years is bound to level out, there is still a burgeoning demand for quality online dating services. It has been said time and time again that sex sells, but in today’s online market, a better version might be that love sells. If you want to get started in an exciting and rewarding online market, consider making dating affiliate programs part of your business strategy.

Online Dating Pioneers and New Trends

Some of the classic online dating websites such as Match.com and eHarmony.com are still going strong, but many new sites have cropped up as well to enjoy astonishing success. Many users who are turned off by bad experiences on mainstream dating sites have turned to niche services that focus on personal interests. Popular examples include Jdate.com (for Jewish singles) and Spark Networks (focuses on ethnicity and religion). There are even sites for those looking for unique or even quirky qualities in their online dates.

The Rise of Social Networking

Social networking websites are one of the hottest trends in online dating. Rather than focusing purely on matchmaking, these sites give users the chance to form social circles and meet new people who share their background and interests. Sites like Friendster and MySpace have turned into meeting grounds for young adults between 16 and 24.

Promoting Dating Affiliate Programs

The dating industry has become increasingly competitive in recent years. In order to make the most of dating affiliate programs, you need to develop a strategy for drawing in customers while at the same time standing apart from the competition. By creating a plan to stand out from other dating sites, you can significantly improve your chances for success.

In order to sell your offers, you must first reach out to customers. One of the most effective ways to attract consumers to your dating offers is to build a website. With an average of five million online searches each month for dating-related topics, there is an enormous potential for drawing in new customers via search engines. Building a site and creating unique content can help you achieve great search rankings, which will in turn lead to more customers.

The online dating industry is growing by leaps and bounds, but true success requires a solid plan. By choosing the best dating affiliate programs and developing a great marketing strategy, you can set your business apart from all of the other online date sites. Recent surveys indicate that a substantial number of consumers have been unsatisfied with the online dating sites they have used in the past. Make this work to your advantage by giving your customers something to talk about and keep them coming back for more.