Many people haven’t heard of Fiverr and the reason why actually does make sense.

Nothing exactly like this has really been available to consumers in the past. Fiverr has been extremely successful in its endeavors. The basic idea behind Fiverr is providing freelancers with a place to offer services for only five dollars.

What is Fiverr

Fiverr is a worldwide, virtual marketplace that offers you an extremely wide range of services starting at five bucks.

The website,, was founded in 2009 and launched in 2010. Their name has remained the bottom line for the business. They aimed to provide consumers with a place where people could buy and sell services for cheap, and they succeeded.

Fiverr has grown into a top choice for business owners who are on a budget & looking to cut their overhead expenses.

What makes Fiverr a beneficial tool

Using this site for your business needs isn’t only practical, it makes sense logically while saving you money.

The benefits of utilizing the services Sellers on Fiverr have to offer are increadible!

For example, lets say that you need a new business card or logo. You decide paying upwards of $50-$100 dollars for the design is a bit steep and go with Fiverr instead. You can easily search Fiverr for someone that meets your exact needs, saving yourself almost 90% of what most would spend for the same quality design (depending on your needs).

That’s one example of how awesome this can be for you. It’s user-friendly, fun and truly a tool I can see helping so many people in various industries.

Seller ratings, levels & feedback

You may be curious about some of the lingo used on Fiverr, as well as what ratings, levels and feedback really mean.

On Fiverr, most people use the terms, ‘Buyers’ and ‘Sellers’. A buyer is the person purchasing a service, a.k.a. a gig, from a Seller. In turn, a Seller is the person offering their services to Buyers.

Sellers on Fiverr have a personalized page for you to check out. Their pages typically include a biography, their rating, feedback from previous Buyers and their Seller level.

This will really help you get a feel for who you’re hiring and what they’re capable of, as well as how good their work is. Ratings are one of the main things Buyers look for when searching for gigs. All Sellers start at 100%, though all positive and negative feedback affects that rating. Fiverr also has a system implemented for their Sellers, as well as the Buyers.

In short, after earning enough feedback, among other standards, Sellers reach level 1. This goes up to level 3, where they become a Top Seller. Each level brings new opportunities to everyone and with each gained level, bigger & better things are available.

Choosing the right seller

Luckily for everyone, Fiverr is very user-friendly and has made it fairly easy for Buyers to find the perfect gig and/or Seller for them. Always keep ratings and feedback on a Seller in mind. When searching for a Seller or service, you’re going to want to narrow it down to a basic category. Fiverr has over 100 categories in total, including their sub-categories.

Lets say you are in need of a new Facebook cover photo. You’d want to find the Social Media Design section. You’ll be presented with a list of Sellers and gigs. You can narrow your search down more when you click any category, making it super simple to find what you’re looking for. Personally, I recommend taking a little bit of time to look to read about the seller. Take a minute to re-read what the gig includes, that way you know exactly what to expect from the Seller.

Ordering a gig

Once you’ve found the Seller you want to order from, the actual ordering process is as simple as it should be. You’ll just add the service(s) you want to purchase into your cart.

On any Sellers page, you’ll see an Order Now button near the service info. You can now add the gig(s) to your cart & either continue shopping or check out. Typically, a Seller will contact you soon after you order to gather additional information.

Gig recommendations

There are many, many services on Fiverr that I’d recommend to other owners. It only makes sense to go with a freelancer that has proven he/she can do the work required with less money coming out of your pocket.

Take a look at these categories that I think will really help a lot of people in getting things done for much less:


  • Graphic Design
  • Business Cards & Stationary
  • Business Logos, Commercials
  • Animation & 3D, T-Shirts
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Photoshop Editing
  • SEO Keyword Optimization
  • Website Content

…and so, so much more!


All in all, I think you’ll be surprised by how much Fiverr could help you and others. It’s a valuable tool for small business owners mostly because it provides so many beneficial services that fit the small business budget.

Perhaps you end up taking advantage of this website and you create a positive return on an investment which was just five dollars? At such a low price, there’s no real risk. Have you personally used Fiverr? Does it interest you?

Tell us what your thoughts and experiences with this on-the-rise marketplace are!