What do US Weekly, National Geographic, and Newsweek have in common? They are just a few of the popular titles available through magazine affiliate programs, which are becoming an increasingly desirable option for online marketers. In addition to mainstream titles, more and more publishers are discovering the marketability of trade and niche publications that are targeted toward a highly specific audience.

While many experts have suggested that the Internet will lead to a decline in print publications, magazines remain extremely popular with consumers. Why do people choose to subscribe to magazines over the Internet? The convenience, simplicity, and unbeatable prices make online offers an appealing option for busy shoppers. Magazine affiliate programs are also a fantastic choice if you are an affiliate marketer. No matter what topic your website is devoted to, you will be sure to find magazine titles that are perfectly suited to your subject and your audience.

How to Choose Magazine Affiliate Programs

Before you jump to take advantage of this great opportunity, spend some time researching the available options. There are numerous online magazine sellers with affiliate programs and your success may depend on the quality and service provided by the programs you choose. Some of the factors you need to consider include:

  • Commission Rates: Compare the payment models and commission rates of the various magazine affiliate programs that are available. Look for those that offer generous commissions as well as fair prices on their products to help entice customers to buy.
  • Title Selection: Always ensure that the affiliate programs you choose offer a nice selection of magazine titles. Even if your website is based on a very specific topic, you should still be able to find a number of suitable titles to offer your viewers.
  • Reputation: Find out what other affiliates have to say about a program before you join. Check out online forums and discussion boards to learn more about how other affiliate marketers rate each magazine affiliate program.
  • Payout Dates: How often does the program pay you for your work? Some merchants pay out twice each month, while others only pay out four times each year. Determine how long you are willing to wait to receive payment for your marketing efforts.

Tips for Promoting Magazine Affiliate Programs

  • Industry websites: If your website is devoted to a specific industry, then magazine affiliate programs might be especially beneficial. There are hundreds of trade publications in niche areas such as real estate, publishing, retailing, and many others. The greatest benefit of promoting these highly-niche publications is that the audience is usually more receptive and willing to buy.
  • Entertainment websites: Some of the most popular magazine titles available today are in the entertainment sector, making them a perfect match for sports, lifestyle, and entertainment websites. In order to effectively promote these general interest magazines to your audience, you need to grab the interest of your readers and inspire them to learn more. Offering reviews and news items based around the magazines you are promoting is a great way to get readers to sign up for a new subscription.
  • Niche interest websites: Another way to promote magazine affiliate offers is to develop a website devoted to a very specific hobby, activity, or interest. Examples might include sites geared toward rock climbers, tattoo enthusiasts, or guitar players. Once you have developed a site and attracted a very targeted audience, you can promote magazine titles that appeal to your unique readers.

Magazine affiliate programs present a tremendous affiliate marketing opportunity. No matter what your website is focused on, you can be sure to find a number of great magazine titles to feature and promote. The popularity and appeal of many top selling titles as well as the niche market for smaller publications make magazines affiliate programs an excellent choice for marketers looking for a diverse range of products to offer.