If you have a passion for art and have an art-based website, earning money through art affiliate programs can be a lucrative way to generate income through affiliate marketing. There are numerous programs that allow affiliate marketers to sell fine art, sculpture, drawing, paintings, prints, reproductions and posters through their website while earning a commission on every sale.

Art Affiliate Programs

With the wealth of art affiliate programs available, marketers will always be able to find products that suit the needs and interests of their readers. Whether you want to feature sculpture or photography, you’ll be sure to find numerous options that will work well for your marketing needs. The following are just a few of the major art affiliate programs that are available.

  • AllPosters.com

AllPosters.com is one of the leading online sellers of posters, with subjects including     movies, fine art, and sports. Affiliates earn a 20 to 25 percent commission on every     sale and also offers a commissions for referrals. The affiliate program provides you     with all the tools you need, including images, sales reports, HTML links and banner     ads.

  • Art.com

Art.com is one of the largest art affiliate programs available. Their two-tier affiliate     program allows you to earn money directly through sales and through referrals.         Their excellent selection of photographs, prints, and posters makes it easy to find     products that will appeal to your readers.

  • Dick Blick

Dick Blick Art Materials is one of the leading retailers of fine art supplies. The             service provides banners, images, and product links that you can easily place on         your website. If your site is geared toward art hobbyists or art professionals, this     art affiliate program may be the perfect choice for you.

Creating Your Art Affiliate Website

The Internet has made it easy for art lovers to locate an abundance of available art from a wide variety of talented artists. In order to succeed, you need to carefully plan your marketing strategy and choose the art affiliate programs that are right for your website. The following steps walk you through the process of setting up an art affiliate website.

1. Choose an Art Topic

Before you can choose from the many art affiliate programs, you need to decide which type of art you want to focus on. Do you want to sell sculptures or modern art? Maybe your readers would be interested in Western paintings? The topic you choose should be based on your personal interests and passions as well as the needs of your audience.

2. Select Your Art Affiliate Programs

Once you have selected a topic, you can choose the art affiliate programs that offer products and merchandise best suited to your needs. If you plan to sell painting by today’s hottest artists, a modern art affiliate program or drawing affiliate program would probably be best for you. Planning to feature movie, art, and celebrity posters? Then a poster affiliate program would probably be your best bet.

3. Create Content and Set up Product Links

In order to draw in customers, you need to offer more than just a list of product links. Product reviews, artist profiles, art tutorials, and other informational articles are the best way to attract readers to your website and inspire them to buy art via your affiliate links. Once you have created some great content, start placing relevant links on each page of your site. Affiliate links that are related to the content on each page are the best way to convert link clicks into sales.

4. Track Your Sales Success

Once you’ve started successfully selling products offered by art affiliate programs, it is important to keep records of your sales. These metrics can help you determine which items are hot with your customers and which aren’t doing so well. Paying attention to these trends can help you select better products in the future and eliminate links that are not converting into sales commissions.

With so many art enthusiasts out there, you can build a successful marketing business with art affiliate programs. By choosing great products, quality programs, and featuring excellent content on you website, you’ll be sure to establish a trusted and popular art marketing business.