Audio books are books on tape or cd. People who cannot see or those who have trouble seeing or reading can read the bestsellers using audio books. Travelers and those with long commutes to and from work or family homes also enjoy audio books. In fact, millions of people worldwide take pleasure in audio books and purchase them from websites all over the net.

They are so popular that audio book companies give others a chance to get in on the fun by becoming an audio book affiliate. An audio book affiliate is someone who has a website and promotes a merchants audio book on their website. The merchant is a person who has audio books for sale and will pay an affiliate a certain amount based on sales.

Becoming an audio book affiliate is easy and fast. The hardest part is finding the best audio book affiliate program to fit your needs. Look for one that has something in common with your website. If your website is about pet grooming find an audio book that is somehow related to your topic. This is really important to your sales and commission checks.

Most audio affiliate websites will provide a variety of sales and marketing tools as well as a commission and traffic reports. Use these to your advantage. Watch them to track your changes and use them to help you understand what changes are working for you and which ones are not.

It’s also useful to write your own marketing content. It’s a great idea to listen to the audio book yourself. Choose one to promote that you really enjoy and find personally useful. Promoting something you personally love and believe in makes things that much easier.

Having a website and an interest in audio book affiliate programs is the beginning to a successful financial future. Patience, perseverance and a “keep trying” attitude are great investments in your audio book affiliate prospects.