Books, movies and other entertainment media are some of the hottest products selling on the Web. From audiobooks to the newest blockbuster films, enthusiastic online shoppers are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest deals. With so much opportunity, it’s no wonder that book affiliate programs have grown to become some of the most popular programs used by affiliate marketers.

How do book affiliate programs work? Like other types of affiliate marketing, these programs allow Internet marketers to promote and sell products and services for online merchants. The retailer is able to expand their audience and generate new sales, while the affiliate marketer is able to earn income off of their website and marketing campaigns.

Popular Book Affiliate Programs

1. Amazon Associates

The Associates program is perhaps the biggest and best-known book affiliate program. In addition to a wide selection of popular books, affiliates can also offer textbooks, audiobooks, magazines, movies and music through their website. If you have an entertainment, literary, or educational website, the Amazon Associates program offers a potentially lucrative affiliate marketing opportunity.

2. Alibris offers hard-to-find and out-of-print books. This book and novel affiliate would be a great match for websites focused on classic texts. Associates earn a 10 percent commission on every purchase made via an affiliate link.

3. Barnes and Noble is one of the largest booksellers on the Web. Their affiliate user-interface is easy to use and they offer a seven percent commission rate on every sale. The wide selection of books and other products make this a great option for the discerning affiliate.

Choosing a Book Affiliate Program

With all the affiliate programs to choose from, deciding which ones are right for you can be difficult. Before you decide, consider who your audience is, what they are interested in and what type of products you should offer. Once you have narrowed down the focus of your website, start exploring some of the available affiliate programs to find relevant products. In addition to book affiliate programs, you should also considers some of the following options:

  • Audiobook Affiliate Programs: Audiobooks have become increasingly popular with busy people who want to keep up with the latest best sellers and classic novels.
  • E-Book Affiliate Programs: E-books offer a great way for readers to access books without ever making a trip to the library or bookstore. If you think your viewers would enjoy reading books directly from their computer, consider offering products through this type of affiliate program.
  • Magazine Affiliate Programs: No matter what topic your website covers, chances are there are a number of magazines available devoted to your subject. Joining a magazine affiliate program is a great way to feature these great products and provide your readers with a range of items to choose from.

Many consumers turn to the Web to purchase books and other entertainment media. Take advantage of this by offering popular products on your website. Even if you do not have an entertainment website, you can feature books related to your topic. By providing your customers with the best products available, you can be sure to build a thriving affiliate income.