The Internet has become one of the most valuable tools for job seekers and employers, with dozens of job and career websites offering job-hunting tips, job postings and resume resources. With so many career-oriented website available, earning money through a job affiliate program has become an excellent affiliate marketing opportunity.

Types of Job Affiliate Programs

While website featuring available positions and work opportunities are perhaps the most popular, there are a number of different types of job affiliate programs out there. The type of job affiliate program you choose will vary depending on your audience and the focus of your website. The following are some of the major types of affiliate programs that focus on jobs and careers.

  • Career Affiliate Programs: This type of affiliate program may offer a range of services, such as information about different careers, career tests and career training.
  • Job Hunting Affiliate Programs: Job seeker affiliate programs are extremely popular and provide a valuable resource for your readers. Help your audience succeed by connecting them with great job opportunities.
  • Hiring Affiliate Programs: Headhunter agencies are always on the lookout for new candidates, which make hiring affiliate programs a great option for many affiliate marketing businesses. If you can connect promising professionals with hiring businesses you can succeed in this affiliate market.
  • Resume Affiliate Programs: Many job seekers need a little extra help polishing their resumes. You can connect your readers with resume writing services by offering resume affiliate links on your website.
  • Career Counseling Affiliate Programs: This type of affiliate programs provides a valuable service for people searching for a new career. If your readers are interested in exploring different career options, consider joining a career counseling affiliate program.

Popular Job Affiliate Programs

While job affiliate programs are plentiful, some have become more popular with employers, job seekers, and affiliate marketers. The following are a few of the biggest and best-known affiliate programs.

  • HotReach Affiliate Program: This job affiliate program is offered by Yahoo! HotJobs and allows affiliate marketers to earn income by referring resumes and job postings.  For every job ad generated by your affiliate links, you will earn 20 percent of the total sale. Affiliates can also earn $1 for every resume posted to the HotJobs website via your affiliate links.
  • This is another popular job affiliate program that allows publishers to earn commissions every time you refer someone who signs up at the site. With millions of jobs featured on the site, this affiliate program could become an excellent addition to your affiliate marketing efforts.
  • This job affiliate program provides multiple ways to earn money via affiliate links. You can earn a commission for every job posting, application, and resume that you refer to the site.

Given the popularity and usefulness of job and career websites, promoting and marketing these services can be a very lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers.  Before you choose a job affiliate program, consider the needs of your audience. By offering information and links that interest your readers, you can generate excellent sales with career and job affiliate programs.