Recent consumer research suggests that online shopping has grown tremendously in recent years, with significant increases projected in the immediate future. Small-ticket merchandise such as games and toys are among the most popular items sold through online retailers. Merchants have responded by looking for new ways to promote and advertise toys and games to online consumers. Affiliate programs have become a popular and effective way for retailers to increase Internet sales and for online marketers to earn money by promoting these products.

Joining Affiliate Programs for Games and Toys

Before you sign up for an affiliate program, you should first spend some time thinking about the tone of your website, the content you offer, your audience, and the needs and interests of your potential customers. An affiliate program may offer a great selection of products, but you won’t sell a thing if these items do not appeal to your readers.

How can you successfully market toys and games online? By choosing affiliate programs that are well-matched to your website and customers, you can convert page views into sales commissions. For example, if your website is focused on toys for preschool age children, you should feature a selection of age-appropriate toys.

Consider Niche Marketing

While there are numerous affiliate programs to choose from, narrowing your selection of toys to a specific niche is a great way to attract readers to your site, increase sales, and improve your chances of continued success. There are plenty of mega-stores out there that seem to offer every product under the sun. However, research has consistently shown that people are more likely to purchase an item when their choices are more limited.

Some possible niche areas include educational games, video games, portable entertainment, and age-specific toys. By narrowing the focus of your website, you will be better equipped to provide detailed information, reviews, and suggestions to your readers. The best way to stand out from your competitor and establish your authority as a reputable and trustworthy affiliate is to offer valuable advice and recommendations to potential customers.

Choose the Best Marketing Tools

In order to sell games and toys online, you need to carefully consider your marketing and promotional strategy. The majority of toy affiliate programs offer a number of tools to help you feature and advertise products on your website, such as banner ads, product images, text links, and product descriptions. While these items can be helpful, going above and beyond the standard offerings can dramatically improve your sales conversions.

First, choose the best banners for your site.  While elaborate graphic images may look impressive, most Web developers report that these ads lead to poor results. Viewers tend to describe graphic-heavy banners as distracting and annoying, often avoiding websites that feature an excessive amount of banner advertising. Instead, select banners that are simple yet visually appealing, integrate text links into your page copy, and add small product images that can be enlarged at a reader’s discretion.

Popular Games and Toys Affiliate Programs

While there are literally dozens of affiliate programs available for toys and games, the following are some of the most popular. Before you join any program, always remember to check the commission rates, payment policy, and terms of service before making a commitment.

1. Amazon Associates Program

With an impressive array of a wide range of products, the Amazon Associates program is used by thousands of affiliate marketers. No matter what niche you are focusing on, you will be sure to find suitable products on, including kids toys, childrens books, outdoor sports gear, video games, and other popular entertainment items. This affiliate program also offers dependability, simplicity, and sales reports.

2. The Discovery Channel Affiliate Program

If you want to feature educational toys and games on your website, you should definitely consider the Discovery Channel affiliate program. This affiliate offers a huge selection of products, ranging from DVDs to telescopes. There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn with this affiliate program, so consider making it a part of your affiliate marketing strategy.

3.  EB Games Affiliate Program

Websites focused on video games might want to consider joining the EB Games affiliate program. With a great selection of new and used games for a variety of systems, you will be sure to find products that will appeal to your readers. All affiliates earn a five percent commission of the total sale price.

The excellent selection of affiliate programs that offer toys and games make this a potentially profitable opportunity for affiliate marketers. By choosing the right affiliate program for your needs, choosing products that your readers want, and creating an effective marketing strategy, you can successfully sell toys and games online.