Popular insurance companies, including Geico.com and Progressive.com, have made buying car insurance on the Internet fast and easy. As the e-commerce industry continues to expand and grow, the future of online insurance sales looks bright. Customers love the simplicity and convenience afforded by online shopping and insurance companies are eager to capitalize on this emerging trend.

How can you benefit from online insurance sales? If you have a website, participating in insurance affiliate programs can generate a significant income and help draw in new visitors to your site. Insurance affiliate programs are best suited for websites that feature home, car, or health information. Providing your readers with access to information about different types of insurance is a useful service that many users will appreciate.

Before You Begin

1. Consider the competition. Spend some time looking at other websites that feature insurance affiliate links. What do they have to offer? Is there anything you can do better than the competition? Your goal as an insurance affiliate should be to provide a unique and valuable service to your readers, whether your website offers car reviews, consumer advice, health care tips, or home safely information. Set yourself apart from the crowd by becoming an invaluable resource.

2. Research the services you plan to promote. In order to successfully promote any product or service, you need to become an expert. Take the time to read the materials offered by the insurance companies you plan to feature on your website. Learn about the differences between each plan, service or offer. You can help your customers learn more as well by providing reviews and articles about different insurance plans or feature comparisons of a variety of insurances.

3. Create strong editorial content. Do not simply publish blatant advertising material for each affiliate merchant. If you want to make money with insurance programs, you need to offer genuine and honest consumer advice. Point out the potential strengths and weaknesses of each service you promote. Consumers will be far more likely to pursue insurance offers if your advice is balanced, informative, and helps them make an important financial decision.

Car Insurance Affiliate Programs

The insurance affiliate program offered by Geico.com is one of the best on the Web. By adding these insurance affiliate links to your website, you can earn a commission every time a user follows the links and gets a quote for insurance. Geico.com pays between six to ten dollars for every car insurance quote referred through your affiliate links.

Another potentially profitable insurance affiliate program comes from 21st Century Car Insurance. This program pays between $6 to $12 for every lead you refer to the 21st Century website. This program would be an excellent complement for website featuring automotive information or auto loan resources.

Health Insurance Affiliate Programs

Health insurance affiliate programs are perfect for websites devoted to health, wellness and fitness. With some of the higher commission rates around, these health affiliate programs can also add value to your website. Consumers are always on the lookout for great deals on health insurance, and you can attract these customers to your website by featuring the best insurance offers available, comparison shopping tools, and valuable consumer advice. Not only can these programs generate significant sales commissions, they can also increase the appeal of your website.

Affiliate Rules for Success

Insurance affiliate programs are among the highest paying programs on the Web, but you need to plan carefully in order to succeed. Simply cutting and pasting a bevy of affiliate links to your website will not lead to site traffic, link clicks or sales. Effectively utilize insurance affiliate programs involves research your competition, your audience, and the services you plan to offer. If you are willing to devote the effort and patience into creating relevant website content and marketing tactics, you can generate an impressive income from affiliate marketing.