While affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online, there are ways to dramatically increase your affiliate earnings without increasing the number of affiliate links on your site. Numerous affiliate programs allow publishers to earn money not only through their own links, but also through the sales generated by the webmasters they refer to the affiliate program. These tier affiliate programs allow affiliate marketers to generate numerous streams of income by referring others to participate in the affiliate program. The commission you earn through these sales varies from program to program, but the income generated by referrals can be significant.

What is a Tier Affiliate Program?

A tier affiliate program is a marketing structure in which a publisher earns commissions from their own affiliate links as well as those of the Web publishers they refer to the program. The structure of a tier affiliate program may range from a two-tier model, in which you earn money from referred webmasters, to a multi-tier structure, in which you earn additional income for every additional person your referred partners sign up for the affiliate program. These recurring commissions continue as long as the sub-affiliates who signed up through your referral links continue to successfully generate affiliate income.

Choosing a Tier Affiliate Program

Tier affiliate programs sound like a fast and easy way to generate even more affiliate income, but you should always choose your affiliate programs wisely. Always read the terms of service to determine exactly how a tier affiliate programs pays. Some programs pay a percentage of total sales, while others use different models, such as paying a flat referral rate. While multi-tier affiliate programs seem to offer an almost endless source of revenue, they can sometimes be difficult to work with and make it almost impossible to build a relationship with your affiliate partners.

Succeeding with a Tier Affiliate Program

Before you sign up for a tier affiliate program, it is important to understand that these commissions are usually quite small compared to a standard affiliate commission. Typical rates range between 4-10 percent of the total earning generated by the sub-affiliates who sign up through your referral links.

An additional point to consider is that not all of the sub-affiliates who you refer will actually generate successful affiliate sales. You might sign up hundreds of new affiliates via your referral links, but only a handful of these webmasters will then go on to set up a successful affiliate website. If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, you should always place primary focus on you own affiliate marketing links, and consider the income you make through a tier affiliate programs an added bonus.

Finally, in order to create a thriving income through tier affiliate programs, you need to establish a network of trusted Web publishers. In order to accomplish this, you need to offer tools and tips to help your sub-affiliates succeed. A great way to do this is to offer a weekly newsletter packed with affiliate marketing tips for those who sign up for a tier affiliate program. Fill your newsletter with suggestions for creating Web content, choosing products and converting affiliate clicks into sales.

By providing useful assistance, you will ensure that your sub-affiliates keep working toward their goals and that you continue to generate income through the tier affiliate program. Affiliate referral commissions are one of the best ways to create additional affiliate marketing income, but be prepared to spend some time and effort cultivating your relationships with sub-affiliates and helping them grow and flourish.