Digg, the explosive startup by Kevin Rose that pioneered social bookmarking, may have finally put the nail in their coffin.

Just a month ago, Betaworks bought Digg for $500,000, a fire sale on a company that was once valued well over $200 million but took a turn for the worse after their version 4 update which had major parts of the community jumping ship to websites like Reddit.

Betaworks immediately got to action, coding a new design for Digg in just under six weeks which has just been revealed.

Though sleek in design, the new Digg feels far more like a Pinterest clone with curated content rather than the social driven website we knew and loved.

What could be said to be the true indication that Digg is dead has been the removal of accounts, first-party log in, and lack of commenting.

That’s right, millions of links and profiles have been deleted overnight to start fresh.

Though the new design is sleek and attractive, the removal of profiles and the entire social element of Digg make you wonder if it’s even worth your while. Stories are determined by how popular they are through Facebook and Twitter shares (as if we didn’t have dozens of websites that monitor this stuff anyway).

But let’s step back for a moment and remember that Digg had been hemorrhaging since v4 and a fresh start may be what it needs to finally strive for new ventures. The team, Betaworks, are passionate about the project (or maybe just leveraging the brand) but, either way, only time will tell what becomes of the new Digg v1.

What are your thoughts on the recent change to Digg?