The wide world of social media has given us hundreds of platforms to reach our target audience and build a community but one glaring problem, from the beginning, has been whether we’ve truly made an impact on our followers since most social media platforms don’t have built in tools to measure our involvement with others.

Klout has changed everything. We now have access and understanding about our participation with our favorite social media services and something new to achieve: a high Klout score.

What is Klout?

Klout is a “middle man” service that collects that data between multiple social media profiles to give an understanding of how you fit within your social media circles.

Klout pulls their data from a variety of social media sites and services, including:

  • Twitter tweets and mentions
  • Facebook wall posts, likes, and comments
  • LinkedIn connections and comments
  • Foursquare tips, to-do’s, and done’s
  • Google+ comments, +1’s, and reshares

Additionally, Klout pulls from Facebook pages, YouTube, Instragram, Blogger, Tumblr, and other major social media platforms you’re most likely represented upon.

The main appeal of Klout is the Klout Score which is a compiled collection of all of the aforementioned data points and summarized by a perceived online influence. Average users will range 20 – 50 on their Klout Score whereas major, influential people, on the networks, may command in the upper 80’s and 90’s.

Why Klout?

The bigger question at hand is why be bothered with a service like Klout? Doesn’t it give you yet another service to monitor and a number to obsess over?

Social media, when used in business and creating connections, comes down to influence. Your content may end up nowhere if your followers feel you lack authority. Klout helps you identify the followers that stand behind your brand, help you discover other influential members of your community, and helps guide you to be focused on creating quality connections as opposed of adding to the chatter.

As a take-away, know that your social media usage has much greater impact when you have influence; you may not be fully in-tuned with your authority which is why a tool like Klout can be a great benefit to your long-term success.