We’ve covered quite a lot about landing pages and A/B testing to improve conversions for your affiliate marketing business. Throughout each of the previous articles on the topic we generally withheld sharing too many resources else it would have overloaded your ability to take action; we wanted to introduce the topics and how they can bring value to your business before throwing you right into the fray.

Today, however, we’re coming at you with the goodies – we’ve compiled a list of landing page and A/B testing resources created by industry professionals. We suggest you take some time to dig through a handful of links that fit your current experience/knowledge with the subjects and then explore others that catch your eye.

So, without further ado, here is your uber list of resources …

Essentials Tools

  • Unbounce – One of the quintessential tools for building landing pages (and running A/B tests) all in one system.
  • Google Content Experiments – Previous its own product but now integrated in Analytics – the ‘Content Experiments’ allows you to run A/B testing with your existing Web pages from within the Analytics dashboard.
  • Optimizely.com – A simple yet effective tool for conducting A/B tests.
  • Clicktale.com – Not only see what visitors are doing on your website but view it in real time!
  • Visual Website Optimizer – An A/B testing service which doesn’t require you to know the complex code that goes on behind the scenes.

Exceptional Videos

Must-Read Articles

Misc. Resources

Landing pages, as you’ve learned by now, can be extremely complex in nature but ultimately rewarding for their implementation. The biggest hurdle will be the process of building the landing page but, once operational, it’s a matter of doing the tweaks to get the most from the page – this set of resources will give you more than enough to improve conversions.

Which resource would you like to add?