The point of all this is to target your buyers.

A landing page is a unique blend of design, copywriting, and perceived value which is extremely beneficial in affiliate marketing because one particular use: it’s amazing at converting visitors into customers.

However, there are many elements that comprise a landing page; each build upon the next. The following is the bare minimum, six elements that every page should include:

A Great Design

The landing page needs to attract the attention of the visitor the moment the land on the page. Landing page builders like DIYThemes have an incredible selection of high quality landing page designs but can also be the perfect source of inspiration if you’re the DIY type.

A Great Headline

The top of your landing page should have an immense hook that immediately answers the question of “why did I land on this page?” This headline should reflect an answer to a question, a claim, secret information, and other call-to-action elements that get users to read on.

Clear, Concise Copy

Your landing page should only use the necessary copywriting that’s needed to get the user to take action; it needs to push the benefits over the convictions a person has about handing over their money (or information).

Testing & Tracking

Testing and tracking are two external elements of a landing page that should be present in every incarnation of the marketing strategy since it gives you the proper information to make intelligent decisions on how to best optimize the page for increase earnings.

Note: Testing and tracking are the most troublesome elements for marketers which is why we highly recommend Unbounce – a great, non-technical tool for building landing pages, testing, and optimization.

Trust Info/Pages

The goal of your landing page is to convert visitors but you’ll still need legal pages (privacy, terms of service) and it’s important to be transparent in your marketing which the about us and contact page takes care of.

The Opt-In

Regardless of whether you’re trying to push a product on the landing (sales) page, you should still strive to gain subscribers through an opt-in form in the event that people want information but may not necessarily have a need to buy your product or service at the time.

There’s really not too much that goes into a landing page but that doesn’t mean you should skimp out on ensuring that yours have each of the six elements that have been listed in this post – you could be missing out on conversions and sales without them.