I woke up this morning and had almost forgot that I was supposed to run a promotional campaign for Halloween. I didn’t panic. I knew just what to do.

Any holiday is a good holiday to do some promotions because people are very active on social media (especially Facebook). Even if you only score a few sales it’s still a prime time to show your brand.

Did you have plans to do a Halloween promo but feel you’re too late?

Don’t be – use this quick and dirty guide to get something rolling for your community.

1. Grab the creative

My go-to place for creative visuals is over on the Envato marketplace (specifically GraphicRiver or PhotoDune).

Here I typed in “Halloween” and was able to find a ton of great images. I chose one that had a spooky pumpkin, bought it, opened it in Photoshop, and added a little “Happy Halloween from X” to it.

It’s simple. It’s eye-catching. It’s inexpensive. It’s easy.

With that you’re good to start with the rest of the promo.

2. Write a themed piece of copy

It’s cheesy but because it’s Halloween I would say go with something that matches the holiday:

  • It’s a spooktacular sale!
  • These discounts are frightening!
  • Don’t be scared of…

For the one I put together it was a simple “Scared of the high prices of X and Y? Use coupon code “SPOOKY” during Halloween to save an additional 13% off your orders”.

Kick it around a few times and see if you can add a little cheese to the copy.

3. Create a discount

The promo I’m doing is for an eCommerce site so we have access to creating coupon codes but even as an affiliate there are ways to add in discounts even if you don’t have this access:

  • Include a freebie with the offer
  • Include an hour of consulting

You might be able to quickly get in touch with the owner of the product so they can put together a promo code for you (wouldn’t hurt to try). Either way – try to throw in something extra.

4. Get it on Facebook

Facebook is the easiest to get something up and running.

1. Add the copy of promotion

2. Include that nice creative

3. Fix up the URL to say something catchy

4. Use the description to inform, entertain, or cull emotion

Then boost it.

$20 can go a long way if you’re doing it within your followers but I’d say go one more and do followers & friends. If you’re feeling up for it then try creating a new audience based on your research for a wider reach.

5. Share with the rest

Then get on the horn and start sharing it on other platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Coupon Sites
  • Deals Sites
  • Deal Forums

Just run down your list and you should be all set.

Sit back, cross your fingers, and wait while the promotion is gobbled up like candy.