Thanksgiving will be upon us in a few short days.

In October I laid out a plan for developing a website (and campaign) for the Thanksgiving niche. If you took advantage of the timing then you might be in a great position to earn a good amount of money during this holiday.

The niche isn’t for everyone, though.

There are still a ton of opportunities to spike your affiliate commissions during the holiday. I believe any niche can leverage the holiday to drum up the sales. All it takes is your commitment to implement a few Thanksgiving marketing strategies.

The bad news is that it’s getting real close to the holiday which doesn’t give you a lot of time to get big campaigns moving. The good news is that there are quite a few last minute ideas and strategies you can put into effect.

Here are a few easy Thanksgiving affiliate promotions you should consider …

Last Minute Ideas and Strategies

I’m going to keep these fairly simple because time is ticking and you only have a few days. These shouldn’t take more than an hour to implement but I do recommend you get started as soon as possible. Also, do these while keeping Black Friday and Cyber Monday in mind – you might as well get double the value, right?

  • A “grateful” list – Write out a list (of ten or so) things you are grateful for and begin sharing these items, one at a time, on your social feeds. Invite community members to share their thoughts with each new listing. Work promotions into the list by covering a few items or services that have been valuable this year. Likewise, mention members of the community that have been especially helpful. Put them in the spotlight and it’ll encourage them to ramp up their participation in other campaigns during the holiday.
  • Daily giveaways – Find inexpensive products or services you could use as part of daily giveaways. You could either have these items closely related to your industry which should spur some interest in other products/services or keep it fun and casual. A few items between $5 – $10, going out every few hours, will get people talking. Use a service like PunchTab to automate the giveaway process and you should get a nice boost to your social shares and subscriptions. Integrate some affiliate offers by making them relatable to the giveaway.
  • Time sensitive coupon codes – Work with product/service providers in an attempt to create time sensitive coupon codes for your community. These coupon codes don’t need to be too deep a discount, either. This strategy is quite effective because it puts pressure on the consumer to take action sooner than later. You could work this into the holiday by presenting it as your gift to the community.
  • Personalized thank you notes – Spend a few hours to generate a list of your most vocal community members and die-hard customers. Then begin recording short (around 30 seconds or so) videos thanking each of these individuals, personally. Deliver it to them via email. In the video you could explain why they’re so valuable and work in a few promotions such as through an exclusive deal to only these select individuals. Even if you don’t convert on the sale you’ll still leave a lasting impression with these people which could turn into repeat business the next time you’re running campaigns.
  • Release bonus freebies – If you’ve got a product or paid service then consider adding it to a promotion during this time. Set it up so that people can send you the receipt of their purchase for products you’re promoting. Confirm the purchase and then send them the freebies. Think of this as a bonus incentive to make the purchase. You’ll not only earn off the affiliate sale but handing over your work with additional promos may bump the sales even higher.

I believe the big seller, here, is getting into the giving spirit. People are quite joyous around this time and they’re always looking out for bargains. Get ‘em happy with sharing something of value then go in for the sale when they’re excited. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get any number of these items rolling. Start sooner than later.


Many people will have this holiday off. This may be the perfect time to reach them since they’re not so busy with their daily routine and they’re looking to shop. Keep grinding and push onward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. Create a bridge between these three big days.

Be quick, though, because time is running out.