In quite a shock LogMeIn has turned away from their free service in order to “unify” under a paid subscription.

I have a feeling that a few (perhaps a whole lot more) of you readers use this service to do remote work or for handing your virtual employees. This change to a paid model means you’ll now have to shell over $49 a year (if you’ve been using the service) or $99 a year if you’re a new customer – and this is just for two computers.

It also means the iOS and Android LogMeIn owners can feel the burn as the change was virtually unexpected and announced without notice – LogMeIn says these owners will get a reduced cost but they are still out of the money from the original purchase.

So – if you’re also feeling that burn and want to bail on the service I’ve collected a handful of alternatives for your remote needs.

LogMeIn Alternatives

Replacing LogMeIn might prove to be troublesome if you’ve rolled it out across a multitude of computers and mobile devices but if you have the time and are willing to try something different the following alternatives should handle what you need:

  • TeamViewer – This free remote support and online meetings program is free for personal use. You get basically everything you could want with this one which includes all the features and benefits of remote accessing (with little installation) and online meetings/presentations which allows up to 25 participants. See ademonstration of the program.
  • imPCRemote – As you can expect you’re going to receive a lot of similar features with this program though with the free version you can run unlimited copies (personal) and there is a free professional edition which lets you setup 2 admins and 5 users (which might be enough for many small businesses). For $29/year, the paid version, you get additional admins and unlimited users which makes it quite a discount compared to LogMeIn if you do need additional options. See the demonstration video.
  • – This one is probably my favorite from the list because of the simplicity of the program. It’s actually by LogMeIn – it’s a stripped down version – but it’s quite nice for one-on-one sessions since it’s very light weight, you can do remote sharing of the desktops, and could still use it for presentations if you really wanted to. If you upgrade the price comes to about the same as LogMeIn so it might be best to keep this one for those simple remote sessions. See the demonstration video.
  • Splashtop – I hadn’t heard of this one before making the list but digging through the options and features makes it worthwhile. The personal edition (the free one) is somewhat basic as what you’d expect with up to 5 computers that you can access. You’ll get all the bells and whistles like presentations, file access, streaming, and the like. See the demonstration video.

The popular choice in the list is teamviewer as it has much of the same features as you would find in LogMeIn and shouldn’t be a hassle to setup.

Yeah, this blow to remote access thanks to the swift change of LogMeIn will put things in a bind but at least we have some alternatives, right?