The hype you feel when you’re first introduced to affiliate marketing gets you pumped to give it a whirl but fast forward a year later and it feels like you’re in the trenches because it’s far more difficult to operate than you had anticipated.

Affiliate marketing, at times, is very unforgiving in the sense that if you don’t keep up then you’re going to lose it all. People are quick to hop ship to the next authority, it’s very easy to lapse in keeping up with the changes, and it’s especially difficult to anticipate and react to the trends.

This is a series about the “worst case scenarios” you may experience in affiliate marketing.

The series isn’t meant to spook you away from giving it a try. It’s here to show the ugly side if you’re not 100% committed to the activities. Learn from these posts and anticipate the events as this is how you avoid the drop-off point that so many affiliates experience…

The Effects

The first year of working a niche is the honeymoon phase because there is so much out there you can talk about, so many people you can bring in, so many new connections to build, and so much opportunity to earn something from your hard work.

Once a couple years pass you start slowing down not because you don’t know what you’re doing but because you turned the project into a job – one that you no longer feel passion for and drudge through the work for the sake of keeping it active.

This loss of interest can come from:

  • You’ve exhausted your knowledge about a topic and no longer have a clear direction
  • You become jaded about the industry because of trolls, competition, or that you don’t like the direction that it is going
  • You are finding other interests that hold your attention that you rather do

Everyone goes through multiple shifts in their lives (usually every seven years) but it seems to be triple the speed when it’s online because the Web, itself, moves so fast. There are so many interesting things you can be doing if you set your mind to it so it becomes easy to lose interest because the work no longer has the same level of excitement from when you had started.

The Options

Let’s now look at some of the options you have if you happen to be in this situation where you’re feeling a complete lack of passion for your niche (or the industry as a whole):

Option #1

Take an extended break (but remember not to do it too long as per the topic of part one of the series) and use that time to push your knowledge of the main topics of your industry so that when you do come back you have a lot to talk about.

Start attending conferences, buddy with other authorities in the niche, or just start going through some of your crazy ideas. You want to freshen up and look at your work from a new perspective and sometimes this just means you take some time away to get your bearings straight.

Option #2

Change up the way you do content because it’s likely you’re just tired of writing.

  • Try video
  • Start a podcast
  • Work on information products
  • Do memberships

Work on something that’s challenging not just in the technical sense but in creativity. Approach the work from a different angle because you may have been doing the same routine long enough that it’s the reason why you feel bored with the niche.

Option #3

Consider going out on top (while you still have good traffic and income) by selling the site to someone that does have the enthusiasm and excitement for the niche.

You can always stay on for a little while helping out with the transition and content creation if you feel you’d like to participate. In fact, you may reignite the passion you have for it by writing predominantly for other sites since you don’t have to appeal to an audience you have begun to loathe.

These aren’t your only available option but just a cross sample. What’s best for your affiliate business is whatever you decide but, regardless, take these into consideration and you may come out of this worst case scenario like a champ.