LumpSumProfitsMaking money online is something we all want to do. Quite frankly, this is what affiliate marketing is all about, right? However, making your first paycheck can be intimidating…

Here’s where Lump Sum Profits – the new product by Ryan Moran – comes into play. In his program, Ryan teaches how to make your first $500 up to $1,000 in less than 24 hours.

Things To Do Before Getting Lump Sum Profits

This is the best part. You don’t have to own a website, you don’t need to have any technical skills, no AdWords or Facebook campaigns required … essentially, you don’t need anything.

So how is this possible?

In a sentence: Lump Sum Profits is a product teaching how to make money flipping websites.

If you’ve ever tried flipping websites, you know that the most difficult part is to identify a good website to buy and sell, or to somehow know what kind of site to build from the ground up and then sell.

In most cases, people can’t make this work for themselves because they don’t know how to identify good opportunities, or they mistakenly think that the site they’ve invested in will pay off.

Ryan Moran knows this, so he explains what kinds of sites sell best, how to create them, how to get them prepared, and finally how and where to flip them.

It’s not only about certain types of sites. What also matters is what niche the site’s in. Some niches sell like crazy while others don’t.

How to Flip Websites

Flipping websites is one of those activities that require a solid plan. Everyone can get lucky every now and then (just like playing poker), but if you really want to make good money on a consistent basis, you will have to create a solid plan of action and execute it perfectly.

Ryan Moran has been flipping websites for years now, so he really knows his craft. He’s developed a complete approach at doing this, which he’s now sharing with the public as Lump Sum Profits.

What’s Inside Lump Sum Profits

Inside Lump Sum Profits you’ll find:

  • How to identify profitable niches for site flipping.
  • How to build websites that sell well.
  • Six step guide on how to do site flipping like a pro.
  • How much traffic your site needs before you can flip it.
  • How to rank your sites on the first page of Google to improve their value.
  • How to identify sites to invest in and then sell with profit.

Learn more about Lump Sum profits here.

Is It Worth It?

In a word: Yes. Lump Sum Profits teaches you something you can do on demand whenever you need money. However, you can also use these techniques to build a completely new business.

As affiliate marketers we have to find multiple income streams, and since we’re already working with various websites, learning how to create new ones that are valuable from day one is a great skill to have.

You can get Lump Sum Profits for $47 (one-time payment). Additionally, there’s a 60-day money back guarantee, so there’s really no risk. If you decide that the product is not for you, you can simply ask for a refund.

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