has been in business since 1998 and offers one of the largest selections of subscription-based periodicals (i.e. magazines, specialty trade press, and a new push toward digital publications).

Though we’ve seen a monumental shift toward digital media, subscription magazines and papers still command an incredible market and offer you a great opportunity for affiliate commissions.

The Magazine Market and You

The market for magazines has climbed over seven billion dollars a year; one in four households has at least one magazine subscription.

What are they paying?

The average, premium magazine subscription costs $23 which means a 40% (base) commission will earn you $9.20 each referral. This commission increases with volume reaching 45% for super affiliates within the network.

Here’s how they compare to other magazine affiliate programs:

What are the stats?

For your number junkies, posts impressive ROI, take a look:

In two offers, 3 month EPC has reached $140+ USD. Reports can be found through which tracks each of the major items to monitor such as EPC, CTR, orders, shipments, returns, and commissions.

What are the opportunities? boasts an incredible 1,200+ publications covering every major industry and niche. Trusted brands such as Sports Illustrated, Food Magazine, People, Time, and more which would easily be found in most retail stores.

There are many great resources within the website to aid affiliates (not including the affiliate program through or ShareASale). Specifically, Magazine-Agent discloses major search terms, top sellers, readily promotes new and hot magazines, gift options, and monthly picks.

In specifics, Magazine-Agent has a wide range of banners and link types which can be found through their affiliate portal. Your choice in niche marketing is not hampered as there are hundreds of different categories of magazines which create a massive opportunity for cross promotion.

If you ever feel stuck with the program, managers and tech support are readily available to aid your implementation of the affiliate program or answer other important questions. In Review

What makes a viable tool for your affiliate marketing business?

The Good

  • Company has been active since 1998
  • Affiliate program has many resources, banners, and link-types
  • Commissions are respectable and product fulfillment is provided

The Bad

  • The website could use a design update
  • Print publications are beginning to slow down in place of digital formats

The Bottom Line

Print publications are a great way to include a new income source to your affiliate business. There are publications for every major industry and nearly every known niche. Even if you don’t rely on publication sales as your primary source of income, it provides an additional opportunity to increase value to your website visitors and customers as it involves them deeply within the topic outside of the web.’s affiliate program is fair, provides stable commissions, and has a wide range of products worthy of promotion and integration into your affiliate business.

Where does Magazine-Agent stand? 3.5/5

There are some elements that could be improved but a sinking print publication market does create a rocky foreseeable future. Print will be around forever but new options for digital delivery in terms of news, magazines, and other publications are growing exponentially – so this just means you should get in on this affiliate marketing now.