Searching through all of your favorite affiliate networks, but still can’t find an offer that you think will do well on Facebook Ads? Make sure you don’t forget about everyone’s favorite marketplace for digital products, ClickBank of course.

From training guides to self help, to membership based programs and weight loss programs, ClickBank has something for everyone. While I haven’t done much with Facebook Ads and ClickBank products, the few products that I have tested, did alright and through Facebook’s interest and demographic targeting, you may just find a big winner that the affiliate networks are missing out on.

Breakdown of a Profitable Facebook Ads Campaign

One Facebook Ads campaign that I ran a while back, was for a skateboarding guide, promising all the cool tricks and tips of master skateboarders. Now, only if you could target all the skateboarders in the world… oh wait, through Facebook Ads you can! Be sure to check out the screenshot and targeting below, along with the full Facebook Ads campaign on how I targeted only skateboarders and kept split testing my ad campaigns.

Create Your First Facebook Ads Campaign

Farmville, Cityville, MobWars, Warcraft & Crazy Gamers

What do all of the game titles above have in common? Simply put, all of their players are crazy addicts who will do virtually anything to get ahead in their game levels, not to mention, each of these games have huge followers through Facebook, which can all be targeted by “interests” when creating an ad campaign.

ClickBank has an insane arsenal of products focused on selling gaming guides and helping Facebook users further advance their online addictions… best of all, they sell very well, and pay commissions of up to 75%! If you’ve ever dabbled in the online gaming space, make sure you take a look at ClickBank and how you can start making money off one of the hottest crazes on Facebook.

Facebook Ads Mini Guide

Check Out the ClickBank Marketplace

If you aren’t already an affiliate of ClickBank, you should be. It’s free, you are paid a commission instantly when a digital sale takes place, and best of all, you are paid twice a month (every two weeks). Some of the largest marketers in the world are making insane money with ClickBank.

Looking for even more motivation? ClickBank has paid out over $2 BILLION dollars to their affiliates so far! How much will you earn? Learn more about ClickBank and how it can help you earn more on Facebook.

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